1 min ago | December 5, 2021

Let’s play it safe this festive season

DURING 0the festive season, families and friends often meet to celebrate. But, we are in unusual times.

Gemma unleashes life history doccie

FEELING that she has much more than just music to share with the world, pop singer Gemma Griffiths has released a ...

3 weeks ago | November 14, 2021

Ex-Macheso guitarist eyes come back

VETERAN rhythm guitarist Lucky Mumiriki is happy to have recovered from a life-threatening stroke that derailed his ...

1 month ago | October 24, 2021

Author with a passion for entrepreneurship

Growing up usually meant going to school to get an education and looking for a job thereafter. In the old days, the ...

2 months ago | October 6, 2021

NEW: Duramazwi readies for Dubai show 

DURAMAZWI Mbira Ensemble, which is set to represent Zimbabwe at the ongoing Dubai Expo 2020, is leaving no stone ...

2 months ago | October 3, 2021

‘Free Guy’ sets the bar high

WITH most of the so-called big blockbusters set for release at the tail end of the year, some statements remain ...

2 months ago | September 26, 2021

Contraceptive methods of choice

Methods of family planning are classified into three broad categories, namely: short-acting, long-acting and permanent ...

3 months ago | September 12, 2021

Culture, values, norms key in shaping country’s identity

LOCAL publishing house, Palm Publications, has released a new heritage studies book titled “Aspects of Heritage Studies”.

3 months ago | September 5, 2021

Agony of a disinherited family

WHAT started off as a routine procedure of registering a deceased person’s estate — in this case, a house — has turned ...

4 months ago | August 15, 2021

We rise by lifting others

Getting the support that one might need can prove to be elusive. When someone has a dream that he/she wants to ...

4 months ago | August 8, 2021

Wealth not everything

THE people in our lives matter more than all material things we have. In fact, it is our loved ones that make life ...

4 months ago | August 4, 2021

NEW: Youths turn to traditional music

Young people are increasingly taking an active interest in traditional music and cultural activities, a seasoned ...

4 months ago | July 28, 2021

NEW: A ‘final gift’ in Black Widow

UP until now, we all thought Natasha Romanoff’s sacrificing herself so that Hawkeye could retrieve the soul stone from ...

NEW: Sasha breaks new ground

RISING mbira singer Sasha “Amadhuve” Lishomwa has unleashed her debut video titled “Machinda