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The Sunday Mail

Our Bride of the Week is Faith Mabika, nee Batsiri, the first-born of Mr and Mrs Batsiri of Masvingo, who married, Never Mabika, the first-born son of Mrs E. Mabika and the late Mr N. Mabika of Chivhu. They married at Sungano Gardens, Makoni, Chitungwiza. Their cake automatically qualifies to be Cake of the Week.

Recently wedded brides can send their pictures, as well as of their cake, to [email protected]. The weekly entries will be published online with the monthly winner being published both online and The Sunday Mail print version. The 12 Bride of the Month finalists will then fight it out off for the annual Sunday Mail Bride of the Year title.

When submitting photos, entrants should include the following information: bride, bride’s parents, bridegroom, bridegroom’s parents, wedding venue, wedding date, home address, contact number, photographer, address, contact number, baker’s name, address and contact number. 



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