Bishop Lazarus

2 weeks ago | January 3, 2021

We’re just feeling ‘irie’

ONCE every year, Bishop Lazi retreats from the madding and roving city crowd to the therapeutic, scenic and pristine ...

1 month ago | December 13, 2020

When local authorities become hopeless laggards

IF Bishop Lazarus’ great-grandfather were to rise from the dead today — God forbid! The man was just an unbearably ...

1 month ago | December 6, 2020

Rats cannot think beyond peanuts

AROUND this time in 2018, witty cynics, the majority of whom have happily found a convenient playground on social media ...

2 months ago | November 29, 2020

We must bow our heads in shame

It was a year when time was held hostage by the coronavirus — regarded as the worst global health emergency to affect ...

2 months ago | November 15, 2020

Don’t believe blind keyboard warriors

EXACTLY seven days ago, young Genius Kadungure, who hogged social media traffic for the best part of last week, went out ...

3 months ago | November 1, 2020

We have miserably failed our youths

ON Tuesday, two American men who are in their 70s — the incumbent Donald Trump, who is 74, and Joe Biden, who will be ...

3 months ago | October 25, 2020

Roasting us over sanctions just for power

THEY are noxious, shameless, conceited and thoroughly insufferable.

3 months ago | October 4, 2020

When the undertaker wishes you long life

This time Africans have abjectly disappointed the world.

4 months ago | September 13, 2020

A rumbling stomach feeds a toxic tongue

Very soon the sky’s belly will be rumbling from the flatulence of heavy rain-bearing clouds before unloading on the ...

5 months ago | August 30, 2020

Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Before the July 30 elections in 2018, MDC Alliance’s swashbuckling and technophile public relations machine nourishingly ...

5 months ago | August 16, 2020

Tall tales of an evil regime in Harare

Life is a tapestry that is woven out of various religious, political, cultural and normative beliefs and persuasions. As ...

8 months ago | May 17, 2020

Fighting for nothing, living for anything

Blessed are those who will intently read Bishop Lazi’s sermon today and take it to heart for they will be able to see ...

9 months ago | April 19, 2020

May weirdos please hold their peace

This is hardly surprising because of the eternal struggle to get palatable relish. Most often, meal times — either ...

2 years ago | April 21, 2019

A potent enemy always lives within

Jesus has risen from the dead! Hallelujah. . . But wait . . . why was he killed in the first place?