Taking advantage of ICT in schools

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Taking advantage of ICT in schools

The Sunday Mail

Samuel Tashinga Samoyo

TRANSMISSION of information these days is now highly dependent on technology.

Technology is good but we need to adopt proper ways to use it appropriately.

Let us look at the advantages and how it helps us in the modern world.

Before the advent of technology, sending information was cumbersome. For instance, imagine being sent to Bulawayo from Harare, on foot, with a message that is even less than two lines.

That is now in the past.

We moved to Post Office services. The process was slow and had its fair share of challenges that, however, have been addressed through technology.

With modern gadgets, communication is now fast.

Essentially, technology has become our “saviour”.

This technology comprises cellphones, internet, laptops, and tablets among other gadgets.

The use of technology is good for students as it reduces expenses for the school. We can conduct research on the internet and even share soft copies of documents instead of printing.

For students, it also means we can do away with carrying heavy textbooks or assignments to school.

Subjects like ICT and Computer Science are important. They help prepare us for the period after school. Most employers now prefer people that have ICT qualifications.

But technology is only helpful to those who use it resourcefully.

It is unfortunate that there has been a rise in abuse of technology by some students.

Some use it to visit adult sites and in the process neglect their studies. We also have others that fail to concentrate in class because of their engagement in social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etcetera.

This can be addressed though.

Some of the measures to take include the school leaders through the IT department blocking all sites that are not academic related. The WiFi also needs to be secured from intruders.

The school can also create a period for students to research, which will be supervised by their class teachers. There may also be the need to employ someone who monitors students that visit unauthorised sites.

I also suggest that gadget and school raids should be done regularly and erasing all non-academic staff.

I thank my school, Destiny Achievers, for inculcating discipline in us when dealing with technology.

There should be strict punishments to those caught abusing technology and those found offside should have their gadgets confiscated.

I feel it is also wise for schools not to allow gadgets like tablets and cellphones with sim cards within school premises.

Sim cards allow students to access social networks at any given time, and it becomes impossible to monitor their activities.

My final solution is that students need to get proper education and briefing on what technology should be used for.

And to my fellow students I say let us be disciplined, embrace technology and at the same time use it resourcefully.

As it is written in the bible, “Everything has its own time.” Stay focused on your studies.


Samuel Tashinga Samoyo is a student at Destiny Achievers Group of Schools in Harare


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