‘I’m not a spent force’

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‘I’m not a spent force’

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COMEDIAN-CUM-MUSICIAN Kapfupi says his new single “Ndinogara Ndega” is a sample off his forthcoming album.

The track, he said, is a hint of what fans should expect from an album that will be dropped “any time from now”.

Born Freddy Manjalima, the Orchestra Ndoozvo leader says the yet to be released album is titled “Short yaRonaldo.”

The Epworth-based musician reckons the new project will prove that he is not a spent force.

He rose to fame with such hits as “Mukadzi waSabhuku” and “Mai Nga”, both released in 2010.

But critics argue that he “failed” to maintain form afterwards.

“I have heard people saying that I am now a spent force and that I am now focusing more on my acting career.

“The truth is that I still take music as seriously as I take acting.

“The new album will do the talking,” Kapfupi said.

Apart from “Ndinogara Ndega”, other songs on the forthcoming album will include “Kwachena Machembere,” “Amai” and “Welcome Zuzuzu”.

“We are currently doing the videos and after that, we are good to go.

“We want to release the album and the videos for the songs at the same time,” adds Kapfupi.

Meanwhile, the affable artiste dismissed reports of a possible reunification with fellow actor and comedian, Charles “Marabha” Mirisi.

“The association with Marabha ended a long time ago.

“I urge our fans to concentrate on this new product and to ignore false reports.”

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