‘Tunga’ bounces back

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‘Tunga’ bounces back

The Sunday Mail

Dennis Chimanzi

THE creators of “Tunga”, which used to be a popular Zimbabwe drama series on ZTV, will in mid-August launch an episode titled “Legend of the Blood”.

The drama stopped showing on the national broadcaster some three or so years back.

But the producers have come up with a new production, which, however, is not a continuation of the original drama series.

“We are going to launch ‘Tunga: Legend of the Blood’ in August but it is not part of the drama series,” said director of the production Willard “Slim” Magombedze.

The storyline is about the character Tunga, played by Takura Kachambwa, who inherited spiritual powers from his ancestors.

Tunga uses the magical powers to fight the evil spirits that might want to torment his family.

In the epic production, the characters Shuwai and Shingi are possessed by the evil spirits and are posing a serious threat to Tunga’s family.

The lead actor, Tunga, then uses his ancestor-given powers to defeat the “dark forces.”

“Tunga” depicts African traditional culture and takes viewers back to the pre-colonial era.

One of the major themes of the production is the belief that in the African traditional culture, ancestral spirits fight and defend their offspring from evil forces.

Magombedze said the major theme remains largely unchanged though there will be some little tweaks and a lot of eye-catching scenes in “Legend of Blood’.

“We tried our level best to help our audience, especially the youths, to get to know and understand some aspects of our African traditional culture,” Magombedze said.

He notes that culture needs to be preserved through plays of this nature and several other ways.

“It is encouraging to note that many people love the concept.”

Besides being educational, the video graphics are striking, with the actors all dressed in traditional animal skin outfits.

The setting is also magnificent, with rondavel huts featuring in the background.

Tunga is a well-packaged and sophisticated production whose degree of sophistication is rare in the local film industry.

Furthermore, the actors are talented, creative and consistent.

“I enjoyed the drama series a lot when it was still showing on ZTV. It is good to know there is a new production. ‘Tunga’ has a lot of lessons for locals, particularly the youth, with regards to our culture.

“We should have more of such productions on television,” said one of the drama fans who only identified herself as Mai Shingi.

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