Back to school

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Back to school

The Sunday Mail

Charity Gwanzura

CHEERS to the end of the holiday.

This is a bitter-sweet moment for many,

as one gets to know that the holiday is over and was enjoyable,

but at the same time eager to return to the pen and paper assignments!

The same school calendar that dictated the end of the term, also reminds one about back to school.

A final segment for the examination candidates of this learning year.

The battle for education has been unlocked, wake up in readiness to face the reality, solve the tasks;

Unleash the negative mind and replace it with passion and proceed with your dreams.

Partake in discussions, school co-curricular activities;

Always aim higher because the clock is ticking. It is never ‘too late’ to make a difference, for it is not yet over until it is over!

Claim for your goals and accomplish them all.

The power of positive thinking makes one’s efforts double, making the future look brighter.

Students, remember we are the world changers, today and tomorrow.

Let’s go for it!


Charity Gwanzura is a Form Six student at Bradley High School.


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