Gurira and the war for humanity

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Gurira and the war for humanity

The Sunday Mail

IN five days, one of most anticipated movies ever, “Avengers-Infinity War”, hits the big screen.

Ster-Kinekor has done a great service by screening the premiere a day before the film is shown worldwide, at Sam Levy in Harare base this Thursday. Very little is known about the movie aside the little Marvel Studios has shared in trailers, and on TV spots and interviews with their stars. If you thought “Black Panther” was big, wait until you take a gander at this movie — 10 years in the making. So what do we know?


Josh Brolin makes his awaited debut as the all-powerful Thanos, who seeks to wipe out half of humanity. Up until now, all we have heard or seen is a handful of cameos, references and whispers of his power and motives. Chief among his motives is to bring together all six infinity stones; namely space, time, mind, soul, reality and power.

This will give him dominion over the entire galaxy. We know the locations of five of the six stones and apparently Thanos’ pursuit of the stones, in the particular the soul stone will be a key component of the plot.


Our girl, Danai Gurira, returns to the Marvel Universe with arguably her biggest pay cheque to date.

We have already seen her in the trailers and now information at hand suggests that Gurira’s Okoye and the whole Wakanda tribe will play a big role in the movie.

The imaginary African kingdom will play host to a big fight sequence during the third act as the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Wakanda forces a stand to protect Earth from Thanos and his forces.


With every war comes death, but never has death been heavily implied as in the build up to this story.

In the comics, the whole Infinity war storyline sees Thanos seek to wipe out half the galaxy in his attempts to woo the goddess of death.

However, thanks to the fact that Marvel does not own enough pieces of this jigsaw puzzle, this story arc cannot be brought to life. That is not to say we could not see some of our beloved characters biting the dust.

Going into this two-part story, a couple of Marvel’s big hitters are nearing the end of their contracts and given that there has been no talk of extension, one route that could be used to give their characters a befitting farewell is to kill them off on screen.

It will add a little gravitas to the storyline and make room for new blood into the Avengers ensemble.

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