Everyone needs support, inspiration 

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Everyone needs support, inspiration 

The Sunday Mail

Rutendo Gwatidzo

IN life, everyone needs a hand to hold on to. Even the strongest characters can get weary and the brightest colour can become dull.

Challenges are inevitable at almost every stage.

What differs are the type of challenges and how to overcome them.

For instance, the poor have many challenges associated with poverty.

On the other hand, the rich have challenges associated with their status.

Things are not always what they seem.

Imagine a tree by the mountaintop — it may appear strong and resilient, but without soil its roots might eventually weaken and its branches may wither.

Every human being needs a supportive network. Knowing that you can count on others regardless of your circumstances is a form of motivation in life.

We all need people who can uplift our spirit and remind us that we can accomplish anything in life, and that we can get out of difficult situations that we sometimes find ourselves in.

One author once said: “We all need encouragement in life. It helps us gain confidence and move forward. Either by kind words or supportive action, the power of encouragement helps a person to rise on his/her feet and achieve dreams. Be a person who encourages others and who accepts and receives encouragement from others.”

Support is the bedrock of our emotional and mental well-being.

We all need a hand to hold on to when we stumble and the unwavering belief in our potential, even when we doubt ourselves.

Organisational status

Every organisation needs people who work as teams to make the entity’s vision a success.

The body has many different parts that serve diverse purposes.

For instance, the legs cannot be effective without the backbone, which, in turn, cannot be effective without the arms.

Also, the head cannot be effective without the neck, which, in turn, cannot be effective without the shoulders.

Likewise, in an organisation, the accounts department cannot be effective without the sales department, which, in turn, cannot be effective without the marketing department.

The operations department requires the strategic planning department, and the list goes on. Teamwork and collaboration will always be key.

Departments should not negatively compete in order to successfully achieve the vision.

Competition is good only when it is positive and yields positive results.

The challenge in many organisations is having silos that cripple productivity sometimes. We also have many managers who offer support selectively within organisations, yet they expect everyone to perform well. Managers should be reminded that everyone needs support and inspiration for them to achieve what is required of them.

Both new and seasoned employees alike need motivation.

The same applies with expert skills and general workers — they all need support and inspiration to perform well.

Inspiration pushes us forward with renewed purpose and motivation.

Having a cheering squad makes it easier to face difficulties and bounce back from setbacks.

Support and inspiration also help you believe in your dreams and fuel the desire to pursue goals with unwavering optimism.

Support pushes you out of the comfort zone as it provides a safety net that allows you to take calculated risks.

It is important to note that it takes giving support and inspiration to others to then get support and inspiration from others.

There is a Shona proverb that goes: “Kandiro kanoenda kunobva kamwe (A small dish goes whence comes another small one)”.

There are many ways of getting support and inspiration.

Below are some of these ways.

Connect with like-minded people: Make time for interactions with people who like what you also like. Sometimes, inasmuch as other people may want to support you, if they do not like what you want them to back, it may not work.

Have mentors and mentees: I strongly believe that, while we need to learn from others, we also have to teach others what we know. At almost every stage of life, there are two groups of people: There are those we learn from and those who learn from us.

Look for individuals who have walked a similar path to yours as they can offer guidance and wisdom which lead to success.

Expose yourself to diverse perspectives: Read books, watch documentaries and engage in conversations with people from different backgrounds. It helps you to have a wider understanding and it positions you better in dealing with people.

Practise gratitude: Reflect on the blessings in your life, whether big or small. When others offer you support and inspiration, you need to show appreciation.

Strength and resilience are a result of support and inspiration that empowers people to overcome obstacles most of the time. Be challenged, encouraged and inspired to support and motivate others in what they do, and, in the process of doing so, you get the support and inspiration that you require.

Remember, life is a cycle — what you give, you also get in one way or the other.

I wish you success in what you do.


 Rutendo Gwatidzo is the managing consultant at The HUB HR Consultancy. She is a multi-award-winning leader, consultant, speaker and coach. She is also an author of two books: “Born to Fight” and “Breaking the Silence”. Contact detail: 0714575805/ [email protected]/ Rutendo Gwatidzo_Official Facebook public page


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