To be great, this is what you should build

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To be great, this is what you should build

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Milton Kamwendo


IN Zimbabwe, there are buildings going up everywhere.

The rural, urban and industrial landscapes are changing.

This building momentum needs to also be reflected at a personal level. Greatness is built intentionally and intelligently. The core of all enduring greatness is private victory — winning where it matters most!

In the quest for greatness, focus is often on recognition, achievements, accolades, ego-boosting titles or wealth accumulation. However, the true essence of greatness lies deeper. It lies in the foundations that you lay. It lies in the structures you build within yourselves and the communities and institutions you work in.

Greatness is not a peak to be conquered but a path to be built, brick by brick. It is built with patience, perseverance and purpose. Whenever you build, always aim to build so that the structure lasts. Here is what you need to build to achieve true greatness:

Build your mind

Great minds are not born. They do not just manifest. They are cultivated, fed and developed. The pursuit of knowledge, the courage to question and the humility to learn from failures are the hallmarks of a great mind. Always keep growing and stretching. Expand your horizon through continuous learning.

Embrace a growth mindset that sees potential growth in every challenge. The most formidable fortress in your journey to greatness is a well-fortified and sharp mind. Opportunities are seen with the mind. This is why Napoleon Hill wrote his enduring classic “Think and Grow Rich”. Think and grow great is the foundation stone.

Build your character

The quality of the foundation is key to all lasting buildings. Character is the foundation upon which the edifice of greatness stands. Integrity, resilience, empathy and humility are the cornerstones. Like a beacon, a strong character guides you through the storms of life. It earns you respect and admiration far beyond the allure of superficial successes.

Greatness flourishes in the garden of good character. It is nurtured by ethical decisions, consistency and acts of kindness. Character is like a busy road; you never stop repairing and maintaining it.

Great character is built through daily reflective self-examination. Use feedback to strengthen your character.

Build your relationships

No one achieves greatness in isolation. The bridges you build with others carry you closer to your goals. Relationships are the conveyor belt of greatness. Cherish your relationships, be they personal or professional.

Foster a network of support, mentorship and collaboration. Ensure that there are many people who speak for you in rooms full of opportunity and on tables where you are not invited. In the symphony of greatness, every relationship adds a unique note. Your network determines your net worth. The strength of your connections often determines the reach of your impact.

Build your resilience

The path to greatness is strewn with obstacles, challenges and enigmas. Resilience is the ability to stand up each time you fall. It is the wisdom to learn from defeat. It is the grit to keep moving forward with an unwavering spirit.

It is the resilience in your step that turns the march into a dance. It is what turns complaints into compliments.

Build resilience not by avoiding failure, but by embracing it as a stepping stone to greatness. Those who do nothing never fail at anything. Those who do not dare, never need to learn the power of resilience. Do not stop trying, moving or growing.

Build your passion

Greatness is fuelled by passion. It is the fire that lights your way and warms those who join you on your journey. Find what ignites your soul and pursue it with all your heart.

There are no half-hearted champions. Passion breeds innovation and perseverance. It transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. When your work speaks the language of your passion, it resonates with others, amplifying your impact.

Build your legacy

Ultimately, greatness is about the legacy you leave behind. It is the difference you make in the lives of others. Build a legacy that outlives you, a legacy that speaks of your contributions to a better world. Your legacy is what people walk with away from your grave.

Greatness is not a destination; it is a way of being. It is about the journey and what you build along the way. Every day is building day. Every opportunity is a brick.

Building greatness requires patience. Greatness does not sprout overnight or by luck. It grows gradually through the seasons. Start building greatness today, not just for yourself but for the world. Do not ask what your country can do for you to become great; ask what you can do to build greatness, daily — brick by brick.

Committed to your greatness.


*Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author and accomplished workshop facilitator. He is a cutting-edge strategy, team-building and organisation development facilitator and consultant. His life purpose is to inspire and promote greatness. He can be reached at: [email protected]


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