Differences are important

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Differences are important

The Sunday Mail

Brian Ngosi

Life always gives hugs or throws punches at everyone, though at different times and for different reasons.

It is important to remember that each person’s life is unique.

If everyone liked the same things, life would be dull.

Life brings both good and bad experiences, and they come in various forms.

Timing differs for everyone, even if they are in the same place.

People can interpret the same situation differently based on their experiences.

The beauty of life is that everyone’s perspective is valid.

The variety in colors and tastes shows why it is important to be open-minded.

What is right for you may not be right for someone else, but everyone has good taste.

Appreciating diversity is wise.

Our differences should complement each other and bring out the best in everyone.

When you are feeling down, someone else might be thriving. It is not right to look down on others just because you are doing well.

When you are sad, someone else might be happy.

We should all be understanding and give each other space, whether we are smiling or crying.

Do not assume everyone wants to join in when you are feeling strange. Just because you’re feeling weird does not mean everyone else is ready to dance; they might need a break or a nap.

Do not pry too much into why someone else is having a good or bad day. There’s no glory in pushing or pulling someone without understanding their situation.

When a new life begins, somewhere else, someone is taking their last breath.

Life’s gifts and losses are both part of the same cycle; wisdom lies in recognising and respecting both.

Life gives and takes as it pleases, and we must respect that for life to have meaning.

Life changes suddenly, like the weather, and those who adapt enjoy it the most.

While some enjoy the sunshine, others long for cloudy days. And when it rains, some miss the sun.

Each person has different needs at different times, which doesn’t make anyone less human.

And even when things are going well, we do not have power over life.

There is no need to belittle other people’s needs, and you will not achieve greatness by dismissing what they need in their lives.

When you impose your needs on others, conflict arises.

Much of the tension in society stems from individual needs.

Even those who are poor or weak resist fiercely to assert their unique needs.

Remember, everyone has different needs, even if you have the final say. Let people be in their own space and make their own choices as long as it does not harm anyone.

Do not waste time questioning why someone likes something that you dislike.

Preferences vary, and they should be respected without causing offense. What is important to you might not matter to someone else.

Being tolerant and accommodating of different needs benefits humanity.

The world is beautiful because of its diversity.

Embrace people’s strengths in their different spaces, whether they are tall or short.

Ungratefulness arises when we wish to be something we are not.

Celebrate others for what they can do, even if it’s not what you excel at. When making decisions, prioritise peace and give everyone a chance to be themselves.

Your needs are yours alone; do not impose them on others.

Embrace diversity for the betterment of society.


*Brian Ngosi is a personal productivity coach and motivational writer. He can be interacted with on: [email protected], Facebook: #BN_inspired or WhatsApp +263772440383


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