Always observe school rules

04 Feb, 2024 - 00:02 0 Views
Always observe school rules

The Sunday Mail

Lindsay Magaya

AS learners, we think school rules are useless. We also feel they are used by adults to boss children around.

But have we noticed that when we fail to follow these regulations, something bad usually happens to us, and we are entirely to blame.

The rules are meant to protect us. In addition, they are aimed at guiding us into responsible people.

In most cases, we assume we know a lot, yet we do not.

A baby cannot survive without being breastfed by the mother. We, too, cannot survive without rules.

Thus, school rules are important for our well-being.

Personally, I learn at a place with a lot of rules. Initially, everything seemed confusing, pointless and boring.

However, I later realised the guidelines are meant to instil discipline in learners.

Indiscipline often leads to poor performance in class and even sporting activities.

In conclusion, it is important to note that rules are not purposeless; they are meant to protect us. They are in our best interest.

If it were not for rules, most of us would not be where we are today.

I urge every learner to respect and follow rules every time.

*Lindsay Magaya is a learner from Marondera.


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