Choose your career wisely

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Choose your career wisely By identifying their ambitions and academic abilities, learners can pin down their career options and concentrate on fields that align with their passions

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Gabriel Manyeruke

AS learners navigate their academic journey, one of the biggest challenges they encounter is identifying their future careers. The pressure to make such a critical decision at a young age can be overwhelming, leading to confusion and indecision at most.

These challenges can stem from numerous factors, including academic ability, lack of exposure to real-world dynamics, and parental and societal expectations. All these factors complicate the decision-making process for learners.

Choosing a career should not be done carelessly.  In order to make an informed decision, learners must take time to explore their strengths, interests and passions. This entails thinking about activities they enjoy doing in their spare time and subjects they are good at and passionate about at school.

By identifying their ambitions and academic abilities, learners can pin down their career options and concentrate on fields that align with their passions.

Learners should also consider the job market and demand in different fields.

It is no secret that technology is radically changing the way we now live and operate. The rapid pace of technological advancement is superseding the available traditional jobs. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is a good example of how technology is slowly but surely destroying some existing career openings for learners in schools.

Nevertheless, AI is also reshaping the job market and giving rise to new careers with different skill sets that learners must envisage at the moment.

Good careers can only be complemented, rather than hindered by technology. In this respect, a learner must choose a career that is competitive and offers opportunities for sustainable growth and professional advancement.

Parents and society equally play a critical role in deciding career options for learners at school. They can have both positive and negative impacts on the lives of learners as they navigate the path towards their dream careers.

Parents often have high hopes for their children and expect them to make it in life. This can push the learners to work harder and strive for excellence in chosen spheres of knowledge. Society can also influence learners to pursue careers that are considered prestigious in the contemporary world. This enables learners to set big goals and feel motivated to achieve them.

However, parental and societal expectations can be limiting and obstructive for learners.

They can pressure learners to pursue careers that may not align with their strengths and interests. Societal pressures to meet certain standards of success can result in stress, burnout or mental health issues for learners.

If not carefully decided, many learners will find themselves regretting, feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in their chosen careers.

Future careers can be multi-faceted for learners.

Therefore, careful consideration, support and guidance from parents, teachers and career counsellors are needful for them to make informed decisions. This can help them to overcome challenges along the way and embark on a successful career path that resonates with their abilities, interests and aspirations.


Gabriel Manyeruke is an author and Geography teacher at Wise Owl High School in Marondera. Contact details: 0774122288.

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