Mysterious person

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Mysterious person Present times are marked by lazy workers who just want easy money while they prance around

The Sunday Mail

Ropafadzo Ushe

WE pray for a better life,

And sometimes wish we could turn back the hands of time to give us a better beginning.

Present times are marked by lazy workers,

Who just want easy money,

While they prance around.

What obtains are bags of seeds, but no crops,

Stacks of paper that have no value,

Bundles of keys, but none of them can unlock any door.

Every chair is occupied by an empty soul.

They tried to take you and tell you to stay,

But you said, “Not today”.

In the room, there was a burst of lyrics from Coi Leroy.

Unlike that day on the bay with them,

Eating at a buffet,

The memories are as distant as the sun,

But their presence is like a sunflower.

How did you turn so sour?


Ropafadzo Ushe is a Lower Six learner in Marondera. Learners can write short poems/stories or about special events at their schools and send to: prince. [email protected]

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