Mvuma teacher confuses self for mafia boss

24 Mar, 2024 - 00:03 0 Views
Mvuma teacher confuses self for mafia boss You can't make this up

The Sunday Mail

You can’t make this up!

A MVUMA primary school teacher, Beatrice Chikomba, appears to have been watching one too many mafia movies.

The Grade Seven teacher was not amused when a 13-year-old learner in her class failed to finish his continuous assessment learning activity assignment on time sometime in September last year.

Chikomba decided to teach him a lesson by setting three classmates to give him a hiding.

The trio beat the hapless victim black and blue, leaving him with a swollen face and pounding headache.

But Chikomba was not satisfied.

She ordered the rest of the class to join in the beating.

The worst part is that this was not a one-off occurrence.

According to court papers, this was actually her preferred method to mete out punishment; in fact, ever since the kids were in Grade Four.

But the teacher’s reign of terror has since come to an end.

The boy’s parents, understandably upset about their child being turned into a punching bag, reported Chikomba to the police.

Mvuma magistrate Ms Constance Mutandwa recently found her guilty of using a child to commit a crime, as defined under Section 13(1)(a) of the Children’s Act.

She was fined US$150 and might stay behind bars for 30 days if she does not cough up the money.

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