Grief can be overcome

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BEING defamed, persecuted and reviled is part of our daily life.

You have been tossed to and from; you have been shaken left, right, and centre such that misery and pain have become a normal phenomenon.

Yes, you feel the pain but you cannot cry anymore because you no longer have the tears.

You have lost something that money cannot buy. You have lost everything that you have worked for.

Your hope has been shattered and your dreams have turned into nightmares.

You are grieving and almost losing yourself.

One of these situations might be resonating with your current experience and you are going through this excruciating moment of grief either inflicted by bereavement or any other form.

But is there a way out of your pain?

Is there a better way to handle grief?

Is there a cure for the wounded heart?

Certainly, any form of grief can be overcome and one can get their normal life back.

Some people are living in misery after going through life’s worst experiences.

Those affected often lose direction in life.

For them, everything seems meaningless and unfortunately they go to extremes of wishing their lives to end. They cannot see the light anymore.

Grief has taken away their sight, eaten their faith, devoured their energy and diminished their hope.

They are seriously weakened and certainly in need of help.

What message then can lift such a soul to renew its hope, faith and trust in the Creator?

I have seen a man who has worked all his life to build a legacy and an empire.

He toiled daily to water and sustain the little work he had started, and in time it grew.

He looked back at what he had worked for and the results were satisfactory.

He knew he would never be broke again and his children would not have to work for anyone.

Sadly, something devastating happened along the way.

It only took one small mistake to reverse all he had worked for.

He signed a wrong contract, which led to the collapse of his empire.

His company was dragged in the mud for fraud.

His peers had framed him.

His world was torn apart.

He had thought that wealth could protect him.

But what message can be given to such a man to ease his grief?

I have also seen a mother who was childless for the greater part of her miserable marriage.

Every year, she would expect a miracle to happen.

The doctors had tried several tests on her but they had come to the conclusion that “she could not bear a child because her system does not produce the eggs.”

It left her heartbroken.

And for this woman, seeing pregnant women could be even more painful.

This continually devoured her sense of self-worth.

She thought she was cursed and her grief went on and on.

Her husband could no longer stay faithful.

He was always in extra-marital relationships and would opportunely flash the “bareness ticket” as his gate pass every time she brought up issues of his infidelity.

Unexpectedly, after fifteen years of being childless, she began to show signs of pregnancy but she ignored them.

Little did she know that she was pregnant with a baby boy?

All hope was restored, and when this news broke, there was a massive celebration for the wonderful miracle.

And for once in her life, she began to enjoy her husband’s love.

Formerly, she never knew what it was like to be embraced and caressed.

It was the beginning of a new, blissful chapter in her life.

She subsequently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

You can imagine how much the new gift was a treasure in their lives.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, the little boy developed pneumonia and passed away after being sick for three days.

They were in grief again, and they still are.

Is there a way to set a soul free from life’s cruel and clingy grip?

Please send us your feedback. We will be exploring this subject in coming instalments.

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