Divine safety on the road

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Divine safety on the road

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Anesu Mhishi, Grade 2

Divine Beginners and Junior School. My name is Anesu Mhishi. I’m a Grade 2 pupil at Divine Beginners and Junior School.

Every week at our school we are taught about how to stay safe on the road.

We are taught to cross the road and there are a lot of things children must know when they walk on the road.

My teacher, Mrs Dzehonye teaches us how to cross the road every week. We learn the same things but she says it is important to be reminded because pupils from other schools are sometimes hit by cars on the road.

When you want to cross the road, rule number one is “Look right, then left, then right again and if the road is clear you cross.”

When you cross, walk in a straight line and do not stop while you are crossing.

Our school, Divine Beginners, has roads that we practice crossing the road on.

When you cross the road at a robot controlled area, check the colour of the traffic lights before crossing. Do NOT cross the road when the traffic lights are red or amber.

You only cross if the robot is GREEN.

Our school also has a Zebra crossing labelled on our road. If there are no robots, school children must only cross at a zebra intersection.

We are also taught that if you want to cross a busy road, you must find an adult to assist you if there are no robots or zebra crossings.

I look for a policeman to help me cross the road when I am alone but I always walk with older people.

I live in Zengeza 1 and I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.

I love my school, Divine Beginners because we learn a lot of things. We also travel a lot for trips and get to see Zimbabwe.

We have been to Mazvikadei and Victoria Falls. We went to Victoria falls by air and we really enjoyed being on an aeroplane.


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