Child helps orphans

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Child helps orphans

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Bryan Zhawi NUST student
Led by former Miss Harare Junior Yollanda Chimbarami, Help A Child Save A Nation (HACSAN) successfully held its inaugural Shoes distribution at Wings Of Grace orphanage sited at the heart of Mufakose. Targeting less sponsored orphanages HACSAN partnered with TIKA shoes which donated 40 pairs to 32 children and eight officials of Wings of Grace. The event was graced by the owner of TIKA shoes factory Mr Hashmook Naran and some influential teens including Maud Chifamba ,Tinaye Mbavari (Child President) and Phoebe Nyashanu. A few members of the recently inaugurated Junior Parliament and the Martin Luther King school representatives also participated at the distribution.

The HACSAN co-founder Yollanda hailed the youths who participated at the event and she is looking forward to engage with more Influential people to visit orphanages particularly Wings of Grace.

“The event was successful we had a lot of influential teens to inspire the little ones such as Maud Chifamba. I am only 18 and I haven’t started working but my aim is to bring more influential people to the home and see the situation and find a way to help Gogo,” said the youngest Miss Zim finalist record holder Yollanda.

Wings of Grace orphanage is under the supervision of a 65-year-old Silvia Gwanzura famously known as Gogo Gwanzura. She looks after 32 children who squeeze themselves in a two bedroomed house.

“I started this orphanage in 1992 after a baby was dumped at my gate and I reported to the police who lightly took the case as a blessing to me and they asked me to keep the baby.

“Since that incident happened most dumped babies in the community are referred to me by the local council. Some of the children came a few years older as orphans who had no one to take care of them” she said.

The 18-year-old model helped Gogo Gwanzura to secure her stand and get registered during her reign as Miss Harare Junior. Her plea to citizens of Zimbabwe is to assist Gogo Gwanzura to build a bigger shelter for the children as she is receiving more children. Recently the police sent her another 6 months old baby girl who was found dumped at a bush between Mufakose and Kuwadzana.

“What hurt me most is Gogo is receiving more children and its excellent but she is always looking for someone out there who can help her in building a bigger shelter in order to comfortably accommodate the little ones” said Yollanda.

During interaction time Maud Chifamba condemned abortion and neglecting toddlers. The youngest female student to be enrolled at a university in Southern Africa said “abortions are really dangerous, even when we are just talking about the mother alone. I don’t think it’s wise if you can’t deal with the consequences, it’s advisable not to engage in sexual activity.

“In the case where pregnancy has happened, there are various options to deal with the problem, which don’t include aborting or baby dumping. Dumping babies has multiple effects (social and psychological), on the children which are more than just lack of physical needs.”

Closing the event the guest of honour Mr Hashmook Naran left some remarks in form of words of wisdom encouraging youngsters to be more socially responsible.

“Always learn to give whatever you can and if you have nothing, your love alone is worthy especially to the ones vulnerable who are in our societies” he said as a closing remark.

Help A Child, Save A Nation would like to give special mention to the following: BlackDawn Estate; TIKA shoes; Tariro Rufunde; Gamuchirayi Mutero; Thulani Ncube and Arnold Chabaya.

Contacts for HACSAN: 0771587217; 0733 563 044 Email: [email protected] Facebook: Help A Child Save A Nation

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