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Selected young cricketers from Kadoma had a rare opportunity of spending a day with some of their Zimbabwe senior cricket team local heroes during a coaching clinic held at Kadoma Sports Club last week.

The program is an initiative of former Zimbabwe international Edward Rainsford who is working with other coaches that include Midwest Rhinos assistant Adam Chifo in running the program.

Young cricket players from Tafadzwa Primary School, Kuredza Primary School, Munhumutapa, Sir John Kennedy , Lady Tait and Waverly received some coaching from Zimbabwe players Tary Musakanda, Neville Madziva and Carl Mumba amongst other provincial players and coaches on the day.

Below are reports written by some of the pupils who attended the coaching clinic:


Concillia Muyen gwa ( 13 years)      

Waverley Primary School

A former Zimbabwe cricket player named Mr. Edward Rainsford now based in South Africa organized and sponsored a development tournament for the Under 13s.

The tournament was called the Kadoma Cricket Development Tournament.

Ten players of both sexes were selected from the following primary schools, Waverley, Kuredza, Sir John Kennedy, Lady Tait and Munhumutapa.

For training the players, were put into four teams named Zimbabwe, Australia, South Africa and India.

In each of these teams they were trained bowling, batting and fielding skills.

The training was conducted by local boys now national team players namely Carl Mumba and Tarisai Musakanda.

We want to thank Mr. Rainsford and his mother Mrs. Rainsford who made our day a success and for giving us the privilege to learn some cricket skills and meeting national cricket players.

Collin Nkhoma (11 years)

Munhumutapa Primary School

What a splendid day we had on the 13th of March. On this day we went to Kadoma Sports Club. There, we saw many national team players like Carl Mumba. There were seven schools which were Kuredza, John Kennedy, Munyaradzi, Tafadzwa, Munhumutapa, Waverly and Lady Tait.

We first started doing skills like over arm and under arm throws. We also did bowling and batting.

We were grouped as countries which were South Africa, Zimbabwe, India and Australia. As groups, we played against each other and the winner was Zimbabwe.

We were provided with drinks, food and T-shirts. This is how we spent the day at Kadoma Sports Club.

Our sponsor was Edward Rashford. Many thanks to him.

Ruvimbo Dzinoreva and Anesu Musiyamhanje


It was a beautiful day on the 31st of March 2017 at Kadoma Sports Club cricket grounds. Our local coaches and cricket stars namely Carl Mumba, Tarisai Musakanda and Neville Madziva taught us about cricket.

We learnt about team work, cricket techniques namely bowling, batting, fielding and how to play a cricket match. We played games in different teams. As young cricketers, we learnt and benefited a lot from the coaching clinic. We hope to use the knowledge gained in our future games.

We would like to thank our sponsor Mr Edward  Rainsford, and everyone involved. May God continue to bless them.

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