Zim stands in solidarity with Palestine

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The Sunday Mail

Religion Writer —
GOVERNMENT has expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine reiterating its willingness to proffer ideas of how they could free themselves from oppressive powers.

Harare Metropolitan province Administrator, Mr Alfred Tome emphasised this while addressing delegates during the commemorations of the International day of Quids, in Harare a fortnight ago.

The International day of Quids is an annual event which provides a platform to express solidarity with the people of Palestine over the historic occupation of their territories by Israel. This year it was held under the theme, “The liberation of the Palestine is a prerequisite for world peace”.

Palestine is a sovereign state and should be given the opportunity to run its own affairs without outside interference both politically and religiously.

“As Zimbabwe we are saying Palestine should have their own ways of doing their things. No one should dictate what they are supposed to do. The people of Palestine have the right to live peacefully in their God given land,” said Mr Tome.

“God has a purpose with the Palestinians and as Zimbabweans we are in solidarity with them that is why as Government we are here today,” he said.

The commemoration was attended by people of different backgrounds who included Government officials, representatives of Embassies, Christians, Muslims and Rastafarians among others. Chairperson of the Friends of Palestine solidarity Movement (Fopsm) Mr Robson Musarafu said Muslims around the world dedicated the month of Ramadhaan in building world peace with special focus on Palestine.

He said the spirit of the International day of the Quids is commemorated across the world on the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadhaan.

“The Friends of Palestine Solidarity Movement collaborates with all peace loving and building colleagues across the world and we emphasise our renewed opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and all its Zionist expansionist schemes that have brought untold suffering and human rights abuses against the Palestine.

“With great determination and indomitable spirit, we retake our vows at this short conference to contribute to the liberation of every inch of Palestinian soil currently under Zionist occupation,” said Mr Musarafu.

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