You need a whole new mind

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You need a whole new mind

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Milton  Kamwendo Hunt for  Greatness

NEEDED is a whole new mind for a whole new experience of life. Greatness is nearer than you feel. The world is marching forward and marching on.

So long as you are willing to renew your mind and mental models, you will not be left behind. Where you stand in life is a matter of choice. You may not have chosen your current station, but you can choose your next destination.

A lot of misery is self-inflicted when you let your fears terrorise you. You can choose your thoughts and where you let your mind dwell.

In your head you carry the remote control you need to switch to the right channel.

Your mindset determines the meaning you attach to whatever happens in your life. Seasons are changing and your mental change and renewal is your responsibility.

You cannot surrender your mental programming to random events.

Mounting challenges are opportunities for faster mental changes. Without a change in mindset, you will keep reliving the pains of the past and bowing to the pressures of the present.

The key to your survival and thriving is located in the way you think. Change your thinking and you change your worldview.

Think differently and you will see and do differently. If you remain stuck in the past, you become irrelevant and life will pass you by.

Until your thinking changes, little else matters. The most important thing that is happening in your life is what is happening in your mind.

Take charge of your mental environment because that is the control tower of your life.

Choice mindset

You choose your thoughts and your thoughts choose your attitude and behaviour. You have the power to choose the thoughts that dominate your life.

Choose where to place your focus. Choose or chance will do it for you.

Elect, deliberately, what you let your mind dwell on. Tough times are not the times to let your mind be a toilet dump.

You have the power to choose – use it wisely and use it now. Choose what you study and let your mind dwell on. The thoughts you incubate are the action-prompts of your life.

The thoughts you embrace become the life you experience. Think positively and let your mind dwell on positive possibilities.

Being in a pit does not mean you have to think pit-latrine thoughts.

Approach life with a choice mindset and inspiring vision of the future. Without vision you are staring at life blindly.

Never for a moment feel and think that you are bound and you are a victim. Your spirit in unbound and you are not a mental fugitive.

The power within you cannot be taken away unless you give it away.

When you blame, you surrender your power of choice to the ones you are blaming.

You have more freedom than you think and more capacity than you may realise. Even in your tightest of spaces, you have freedom to choose. You can make quality choices. It is all a mindset issue.

Choose your thoughts wisely because they gradually become your life experience.

Appreciative Mindset

Everywhere you find people and in any system there is something that works. The appreciative mindset is a deliberate search for strengths to build on.

Always search for sustaining elements and good things to build on. Even a broken clock will tell the correct time twice daily.

Difficulties are opportunities for creativity and seasons for radical goodness. There is nobility in the human spirit and there is always a silver lining somewhere. Look for strengths and things that are working. It is not everything in life that should be consigned to the dustbin.

The dump site is a gold mine for some one.

Approach life with an appreciative mindset and you will have a totally different experience of life.

Go around with a proverbial mighty hunting light looking for gems of goodness and evidence of positive possibilities.

In any place and situation, look for the positive elements as your starting point. Find something that is working to encourage and build on.

Look for strengths and you will be strengthened. When you look for positive things, you will start seeing them everywhere. When you look for the negative and dysfunctional, you will soon have a broken spirit.

Carry positive possibility questions because positive questions lead to positive change.

The way you frame your questions is more important than the issues you face. Positive and inspiring questions will inspire you to be innovative and imbue you with new energy.

Flee negative energy because it saps strength and shuts down your mind and options.

Anticipate the positive and it will greet you in your paths. Anticipate the negative and dwell on prophesies of doom; instead of exploration, you will be seized with endless witch-hunts.

Your energy is too sacred to be wasted in negative pursuits. Carry an appreciative mindset and you will see new frontiers of possibilities. Celebrate success and encourage whatever you find that works.

Possibility Mindset

You stand right now at the centre of opportunities that your forebears never knew, nor could they ever understand.

You are a beneficiary of countless generations of knowledge creation and innovation. Forget ancestry if you are not willing to take responsibility for unborn generations. You stand at the crest of possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.

So what will you do with those possibilities? How will posterity judge you in this moment?

Do not waste this opportunity or hesitate to do your very best.

Carry a possibility mindset. Never say never because you can never tell what possibilities there are. In every seed there is the promise of a forest.

In every baby there is there hope of a generation. In every situation, there are imbedded moments of destiny. The opportunities of this moment can never be replicated in another. You are not just a statistic or blind DNA duplicate. You have a special place in time and history.

Move beyond the social hypnosis of negativity and explore the possibilities that are in your hands. Move beyond shackles of fear and embrace faith.

Fear imprisons and faith liberates possibilities. Keep asking, “What is next?” Do not stop moving, trying, praying and thinking.

There is hope even in hopeless situations. There is always an “after this” in any catastrophe.

Be possibility minded and keep poking at your ceilings. Answer the call of your times and the challenges of your seasons.

Take responsibility and do not just wait for buses whose route plan you do not know. With faith, you can move your mountains and achieve great things.

You do not wait for the baby to prepare the crib. Faith enjoins you to act with a possibility mindset. Believe you are able and you will be able. Strong faith is an energy dynamo that generates new energy.

There are countless possibilities in every direction you face.

Your potential is bigger than your pedestrian problems. Your personal power is greater than your storms. Your spirit is stronger than your body. No barrier is so high that it cannot be scaled.

No dream is too big that it cannot fit into your brain. There are possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. So dream big and start believing again in your ability to unleash your greatness!


Milton Kamwendo is an international transformational and inspirational speaker, author and coach. He is a strategy, innovation, team-building and leadership facilitator. Feedback: [email protected], Twitter @MiltonKamwendo and WhatsApp +263772422634


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