You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, says Oskid

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You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, says Oskid Oskid (holding baby, award and microphone) poses for pictures at the recently held Zim dancehall Awards at Longcheng Plaza in the capital

The Sunday Mail

AWARD-winning Oskid is Zimbawe’s most talked about producer after triumphing in all categories he was nominated for last year. The Sunday Mail Leisure’s Takudzwa Chihambakwe caught up with the young man recently for a chat. Read on. .

Q: You won all awards you were nominated for in 2015, did you expect this? What does it mean to you?

A: I don’t want to sound cocky and say I expected this but once I was nominated, I expected and hoped to win. It means a great deal to me as a young producer and it is an honour that will certainly enhance my career.


Q: After leaving Kenako Music many people thought you had made a very poor decision. Tell us, how have you managed to maintain the class and quality?

A: I hired a management company that comprises of a team of managers, publicists and strategists that have been helping me shape my career. I am trying to build a brand and cannot do it alone so I had to hire a team of experts to make sure they take me where I want to go.


Q: Many producers tend to be one dimensional. What is your secret?

A: I am a musician myself. So through the knowledge of vocal and instrument arrangements I am able to bring out the best in a recording artiste of any genre.

I am not the first to do this, Dr Dre has successfully and singlehandedly produced rap, hip-hop and R&B.


Q: “Disappear”, “Chikorobho” and “Daidzai Vakuru” are just a few of the hit songs you dropped in 2015. Do you think you can better that?

A: I am a young producer who will constantly be evolving into something bigger and better. I will no doubt be producing even better hits in 2016 and beyond.


Q: Word is you are involved in the making of Jah Prayzah and Killer T’s forthcoming albums…

A: I am working with both Jah Prayzah and Killer T as well as many other artistes from various genres but I am not in a position to elaborate on what exactly we are working on as it is work in progress.

I will let the artistes talk more about their upcoming projects so as not to interfere with how they want to release their projects.


Q: We have seen your work with male artistes but besides Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave, which other female artistes have you worked with?

A: I will be working with a number of female artistes in the near future, in fact, later this year but I am not at liberty to discuss the details.

My team is currently working that out.


Q: Any dreams to also produce for international acts and if so what steps are you taking to make your brand more visible?

A: Yes I have dreams in that direction that is why I have hired a management team which will help me get there.


Q: Who do you think will be the top three dancehall artistes in 2016?

A: Well I am not in a position to make that prediction but I can tell you that I produce exceptional work and the artistes that I will work with this year and in the years to come will always be at the top and most would be the most talked about artistes in the music industry.


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