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The Sunday Mail

Eden Nyarirangwe

Ephesians 2:10 gives me purpose and assurance that I am a masterpiece in the eyes of my Creator, although I’m still work in progress.

In Genesis 39, Joseph could have had the same view about himself when he was sold by his brothers into slavery.

He was young and he could have lost it and went crazy, throwing himself pity parties. But we see him rising against all odds. He even managed to be promoted into running all the affairs in Potiphar’s house.

Even in jail, he was given a noble position influenced by his gift and ability to solve other people’s problems. What got him out of jail is something many of us would look down upon but it gave him his freedom. It was the gift of interpretating dreams. It wasn’t an Honours Degree, a Master’s Degree or a PhD. You also have a gift that has the power to turn around your life if acknowledged and utilised.

It will not just enable God to do wonders through you but it will enable Him to do wonders for you.

The gift wasn’t just an out of prison ticket for Joseph, it was a promotion to the second highest office in the land. God will not use complicated things to exalt you, He will use those simple things you regard as minor.

You might be trapped behind the bars of stagnation and poverty because you are busy trying to help God do what He can do in a split of a second through what He created you to do.

That gift you don’t want to use, that calling you don’t want to answer to is probably your gateway to success.

The beauty about what God has gifted you with is that no one can fire you or disqualify you from it.

Joseph was framed, fired and thrown into prison but through his gift, he later went before the king and served.


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