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The Sunday Mail

By Eden Nyarirangwe

ECCLESIASTES 11:1-2 Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you. But divide your investments among many places, for you do not know what risks might lie ahead.

King Solomon in his wisdom gives us investment and risk management advice. We have to understand that having been involved in international trade, he understood that there were risks associated with his line of business as well as any other business.

During his time, the sea was the mode of transport and there were risks such as pirates, unscrupulous traders and shipwrecks which all didn’t stop him from trading.

So to curb loses from unforeseen risks he sent his grain in multiple ships. Everything has its own risks involved so not taking a risk is also a risk because you are risking losing opportunities.

Solomon realised that, it’s either he keeps his grain and make bread or take the risk of trading through the sea with all its risks and stand a chance to attain higher profits.

Apart from risk management, we’re advised to diversify our investments according to Ecclesiastes 11:6. We are living in seriously difficult times were employment despite being limited, is not enough to decently sustain the employee.

Hence, it would be wise to move towards diversification of streams of revenue. It’s no longer time for playing it safe, if you wish to live better, attain properties, leave an inheritance for your children’s children there’s a need for a radical economic shift in moving towards entrepreneurship.

Success is intentional, diversify your investments for you do not know which one will prosper you.

But don’t fall for the get-rich-quick schemes for wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time. (Proverbs 13:11)

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