Women in entrepreneurship

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Women in entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship Matters
Dr Kudzanai Vere

It remains a sad reality that despite worldwide campaigns over gender stereotyping, there are still some social circles looking down upon women when it comes to issues of business and meaningful socio-economic contribution.

Women have natural attributes that can make them successful entrepreneurs if they choose to capitalise on them. They are natural strategists and productive beings.

Give a woman some ingredients, in no time, they will give you a meal, give them a word, it is quickly converted into a sentence. Our counterparts are innovative and tactful.

Cultural norms and our African values left most women submitting even to internal productive forces that lies trapped within them in the form of talents and natural giftings. The world of business was also replete with great bias towards masculinity in terms of both employment opportunities and business matters.

I am glad, the hewers of wood and drawers of water mentality though proving difficult to remove from some women, there are others who have since abandoned it into more productive forces.

The entrepreneurship terrain calls for people who have identified themselves beyond the kitchen and laundry mindset. Women have a torrid, but executable task before them, which is to untangle the primitive web of inferiority. We are all created in the image of God to have dominion over almost everything.

I have always said lasting change starts from inside out. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you inferior without your concern.” As much as there were restrictive social and cultural misconstrued values that made women think entrepreneurship is masculine, it’s equally incumbent upon the women to disapprove such ideology.

There have risen several iconic women in the field of entrepreneurship who have far exceeded expectations. Zimbabwe has a sizeable number and it is the expectation of every forward person for the numbers to increase.

We have outstanding women in business who continues to shine, the likes of Dr Divine Ndhlukula, the founder and managing director of Securico, Jane Mutasa, the founder of Indigenous Business Women Organisation (IBWO) and others.

Numerous organisations were formed to advance the cause of women in entrepreneurship including the United Nations Women (UN Women) but some of our women haven’t risen up to such voices.

It is unfortunate that despite the number of organisations and the overwhelming support that women have, some still chicken out of the crux of things for their usual back seats.

Unlike formal employment, where maybe the century old gender biases might still be at play. But most organisations have since adopted gender equality policies. Entrepreneurship entails starting your own endeavour.

What can our women do to be part of the entrepreneurship agenda?

Ten keys to unlocking the entrepreneur in women


Ask any successful women entrepreneurs, it all started with a deep-seated desire to make a difference within themselves and in the social space. Desire is to do exploits, it’s a foundational in becoming a woman of impact in the entrepreneurship arena.


You need to be daring enough to take up entrepreneurship. Activate the adventurer in you and get into the ring. Just be courageous enough and roll your sleeves. You just have to prove a point as women and get the recognition.


You are a decision and action away from the entrepreneur women that you should be. All those you see up there decided at some point in their lives to transform themselves and others. A decision now is better than later. You have every support for your entrepreneurship journey. It’s time that you make up your mind and join the elite. Decide to take action. Indecision is a decision.


We have spoken about stereotyping and gender malpractices in the social spaces. Refuse to be subjected to such primitive notions. The only way to do so is to really come out of your shells and make meaningful contribution.


The world has long since waited for your contribution. You have your equal space in the business fraternity that you need to guard jealously. Defend your portion as women. Nothing comes easy. Stand for your positions in the echelons of power.


Don’t fight a losing battle. You might encounter a number of defeats but don’t allow your spirit to be defeated. Entrepreneurship is for the outstanding. Defeat every form of fear that holds you back, every form of conformity mentality that creeps up. Set the stage on a different level altogether. Be with them but do not be like them.


Often times, success comes to those who declare it beforehand. Tell yourselves that you can do it and proceed to do it. Such kind of declarations arouses the spirit into action. Business is for those who continuously reminds themselves of the worthy cause at hand and ahead of them.


It is understood that women have a number of tasks before them. Dedicate time to your entrepreneurship pursuits. Time spent thinking about business is never time wasted. It only become wasted time when the thought is denied access into the world as products or services to mankind.


Entrepreneurship and business are never enough ideas and thoughts in your mind. You just have to display what you are made of. That innovation needs to be seen. That idea should come to life. The product you have been for some time, talking and thinking about producing, should actually find its place in the market. You will remain invisible unless you display to the world what you are capable of achieving as women.


Do not be second best, dominate in your businesses and defy the stereotyping. It just calls for collective effort to register that impact in the business circles. It’s good that there are a number of pressure groups aimed at putting women on the limelight. As usual, dominance never comes as easy as it is said.

You have stiff competition from your male counterparts who have already dominated the space. The best way is never to compete but compliment their efforts in your own unique way.

Come on board women of today. It is never too late to start the impact journey. The world awaits your contribution. You have every support needed to make a difference.


Dr Kudzanai Vere is an entrepreneur, author and transformational speaker. He can be contacted on +263719 592232 or email [email protected]


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