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WHEN Simon Gamha introduced Shantel Batch at the 2015 Novice tournament, very few understood his vision while most simply did not take notice.  However, he was eager to tell the story of a lady with ordinary looks, but one who was determined and focused.  Gamha has stressed that if an athlete is willing to put in extra work, they can transform themselves into a champion.

ln 2016, Batch did just that. She entered the beach bikini competition and won. After the 2018 nationals, Gamha had this to say:

“It’s not about adopting someone who is almost ready to do damage, my brother.  lt’s about identifying someone whose potential can only be seen by a real coach. I have been with Shantel since 2015.

“After this serious transformation, it’s clear that any physique can be transformed,” Gamha said.

Gamha said he had brought up this anecdote because this year’s festival will see another lady, Sharraine Charlaine Rama, showcasing her talent.

Rama won the beach bikini competition last year after transforming herself into a bikini fitness athlete.

She also had a decent performance at the 2019 Arnold Classic Africa. This year’s bikini fitness division will be really interesting as Collen Wall, Lynette Tom, Kylie McDonald, Selina Manuel and Kirsty Baxter will also be competing. But Rama, the Profitness Borrowdale-based athlete, is more focused than ever. Analysts believe that come September 28th, she will cause serious damage. As for Batch, she will be defending her title in style.

The Pro Active gym athlete, who is based in Bulawayo, carries the hopes of the city. She has been delivering gold medals to them for a while.

Will she defeat all the other ladies and collect another medal?

Judge Paulo Escudeiro and colleagues will avail an answer to that very soon.

What is women bikini fitness?

Women bikini fitness is arguably currently the most popular women division. Athletes in this category must not be overly muscular. Too much separations and muscularity will actually disadvantage them. However, the athlete must be tight.

An hour glass shape is the ideal structure of a bikini fitness athlete, and the athlete must not be thick.

A bikini fitness athlete must wear a two-piece bikini which covers at least one third of the gluteus maximus and the whole frontal area.

The bikini must be in good taste. Strings are strictly prohibited.

The athlete should put high heels. The high-heels’ sole thickness must be 1 cm at most, while the stiletto height must be a maximum of 12 cm.

Platform shoes are not allowed.

Judges will be looking for the following;

Degree of proportion


Nice and firm appearance


Skin tone


Grace and poise

This is not a body fitness contest. The competitors’ bodies must be in shape. There should not be any separation, definition, very low body fat level, dryness or density as is the case at body fitness competitions.

Any competitor who exhibits these features is marked down.

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