What makes a girl happy?

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What makes a girl happy?

The Sunday Mail

Nicola Nyasha Chikoka, MSU
Final Year Development Studies Student
What makes a girl happy? An interesting question that enables one to go deep into societies and “expose” girls’ lifestyle.

This article is benched on unpacking all about girls and what they really require for them to be happy in the different societies that obviously have different norms and symbols that resemble happiness.

At various levels in a girl’s life, there are certain things that can make her a happy soul. It might be the environment, the food she eats or maybe the course she takes towards achieving her dreams. Most girls tend to hide their feelings especially in relationships making it a hurdle for guys to know and perhaps give a girl what she really wants.

A girls tend to be happy if she has space of her own where she is able to be herself with no pressure. You find out that girls and ladies that stay at home with their parents and other siblings generally are not fully satisfied and content with that because it is girl nature for her to wish she had space to really reflect on who she is and express herself. Even in relationships, ladies must be able to get some ‘alone’ time.

Knowing that somebody out there is constantly thinking about her can also bring contentment within her soul.

Research shows that girls who are in relationships in which their lover constantly texts or calls are less aggressive and polite even in the workplace.

This is because the need to be loved is actually greater in women than in men and constantly being reminded by that someone of their love really puts the soul at ease. It just settles her heart and in turn makes her happy. Girls are like jewels and really need that much attention to unbundle their feelings and visibly blossom like flowers.

Most of the girls I come across, who are really ready to share their experiences, say for a girl to be happy she just needs to be the master of her own destiny. Allow a girl to choose whatever walk of life she desires, just offer her support and a warm shoulder when she needs one. Not necessarily implying that girls are so controlling, but the feeling coupled with knowing that she can spread her wings and make the choices she solely desires, is really essential in getting to reveal the things that drive a girl into that happy zone.

Girls love being happy.They are so sophisticated to an extent that they withdraw themselves from all the negative aspects that take away the joy. If a lady gets the attention she needs, the love she deserves and the respect, then satisfaction is a guarantee.

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