VICTORIOUS LIVING: Apply the principle of servicing the altar

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VICTORIOUS LIVING: Apply the principle of servicing the altar Victorius Living: Fatima Bulla

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Victorius Living: Fatima Bulla

Victorius Living: Fatima Bulla

Wow! What an awesome service at Pastor Nick and Eunicah Ohizu’s Redeemed House of God Church last Wednesday.

On arrival, I was not aware this was the beginning of a five-day conference themed “There Is something wrong with my father’s house I need to correct”.

What a word God had prepared for me to share with you through Pr Idah Peterside from Christ Ambassadors Church in South Africa.

I tell you Pr Peterside tore the roof off with the message from Judges 6:24-30.

“Do we know the root cause of our problems and struggles in life?” Pastor Peterside asked.

In our lives we see things that we think are normal but are totally unacceptable and have deep roots in generations past.

How is it that nobody in your family has ever driven a brand new car? Or that people in your family tend to have children out of wedlock? And that the children in your family run wild?

There is something you need to deal with in your father’s house.

Pr Peterside said there are people who have worked for five or eight years but are dirt poor. When you research you find that it was the same with their father, and his father before him and his father’s father before him.

It was the same struggle with Gideon.

Judges 6 says even though Gideon was standing on a promise as a mighty warrior, who could set the children of Israel from the hand of the Midianites and Amalekites, he could not be blessed because there was an altar of Baal in his father’s house. He needed to tear it down (Judges 6:25).

Pr Peterside said many people think deliverance is when one is shaking and falling down under the “power” of the Holy Spirit, but in actual fact it refers to taking care of what takes care of you.

Until you take care of the root of your problem, it will continue from generation to generation. Do you ever wonder why a professional doctor remains broke for years yet a brick layer can prosper?

Some people work like elephants but eat like ants; where does the hard work go?

There are people who do not stay in marriage, so much so that when they get married you know it is doomed to fail.

Then there are sicknesses that haunt families, claiming the lives of several people almost every year. Like Gideon, there could be something in your father’s house stopping your blessing.

You might wonder as a Christian why things are not changing when God said “old things have passed away, behold all things are new” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

It is the same thing with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It gives us a legal right to challenge the devil.

If you choose not to work because you are a Christian then you will die poor. You can stand in church and sing hallelujah but things will not change.

When Gideon dealt with Baal’s altar in his father house, and built one in honour of God, the Lord began to clearly direct him. In Judges 6:26 Gideon followed the instructions on how the altar had to be built.

Have you ever seen how those who believe in “sangomas” follow altar instructions? They never use their muti and end there, but they are instructed to bring a goat in three weeks. If they are told to come back after six months for further instructions they do so. If it is cash needed, the “sangoma” will not take a cheque and one will never bring it.

They apply the principle of servicing the altar.

So why can’t we do that with God? The key is to service your altar like Gideon did. But before building the altar, Pr Peterside gave two keys: first you have to be determined not to continue with the bad footsteps of your family; second you must seek spiritual help before raising your altar. You have to service it constantly through prayer, fasting, giving, tithing and so forth.

What do you desire today? Is it a job, to pursue a degree, a car or a marriage?

Begin by finding out where you are as regards to problems in your father’s house and deal with that.

As Pr Peterside said, the devil blames everyone else except himself. Look at yourself and identify the problem.

Come to God as you are, He is waiting for you.

Until next week keep living a victorious life and look out for The Sunday Mail at your place of worship.

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