The Secret Behind South Africa’s White Teeth

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The Secret Behind South Africa’s White Teeth

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Many say that people look best when they’re smiling. However, some aren’t confident to do so due to the yellow hue on their teeth. It’s a dream for many to have their teeth neatly straight and sparkly white. Still, some couldn’t achieve the colour they want.

South Africans are known to have pearly white teeth, so what’s the secret behind them? What are the best products for teeth whitening to achieve the same colour? Here are several products that South Africans use to maintain their teeth’s colour and health.

Miswak Sticks

Miswak sticks are small twigs from the Arak tree that people can chew to clean their teeth. The method has been around for thousands of years as one of the traditional methods for brushing teeth.

The thing about a Miswak stick that might be new to most is that it requires no toothpaste, yet its natural attributes can whiten teeth, eliminate bad breath by killing germs and bacteria, and even heal toothaches. Miswak sticks can also stop gums from bleeding and slow down decaying teeth.

This is due to the natural properties in Miswak sticks that can be effective in aiding oral hygiene. The twig contains various nutrients, like Vitamin C, and a significant amount of fluoride that can’t compare to toothpaste people can find in the market. Because of these great attributes, Miswak sticks can fight plaque when people use them to clean their teeth daily.

Using Miswak Sticks

For someone who has never used Miswak sticks might take a while to learn how to use them correctly. The stick looks nothing different than common twigs, so those looking to use it must reconstruct the twig and make it more similar to a brush. They can start by making bristles to form them into a brush by cutting half an inch of the stick’s edge.

When the twig has become a brush, they can use it to brush their teeth normally. The difference is they don’t need to put in toothpaste for the twig to work. The stick must also be maintained regularly so the bristles will stay in form.

Other Traditional Methods to Naturally Whiten Teeth

Miswak sticks are available for purchase in many online markets. However, it can be a hassle to keep it in form, especially for those with busy mornings. Although buying a ready-to-use teeth whitening product is more accessible, some other natural methods exist to whiten teeth.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is one of the traditional methods by Indians to keep their oral hygiene. Not only does oil pull whiten teeth, but it can also improve oral health. It’ll help remove bacteria and prevent plaque from forming.

There’s no strict rule on what kind of oil people can use to whiten their teeth, but sunflower and sesame oil are the two most widely used for oil pulling. Those who don’t like the taste of sunflower and sesame oil can use coconut oil, which has multiple health benefits.

No scientific evidence has proved oil-pulling effective, but many have seen satisfying results. To do oil pulling, simply put a tablespoon of the oil of their choice and swish it around their mouth for 15 to 20 minutes.

Rubbing Lemon Peels

Rubbing lemon, banana, or orange peels is another method that’s commonly used by many, although not proven by science to be effective. Many have seen the result, and the ingredients are easy to find and safe to use.

Those interested in this method can gently rub a lemon, orange, or banana peel on their teeth. This procedure takes around two minutes, and then they can wash their mouth and brush their teeth thoroughly.

Rubbing lemon peels can theoretically whiten teeth naturally as they contain citric acid. However, this method won’t be a good match for those who have weak enamel as they might trigger sensitivity issues. Those who tried this method and found discomfort should consult their doctors immediately.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a more known method, as many modern whitening toothpastes now use activated charcoal as one of their ingredients. Traditionally, activated charcoal is an ingredient for curing overdose and poisoning. However, activated charcoal is effective for removing stains left on teeth. The charcoal’s attribute can remove pigment, thus whitening teeth as they’re highly absorbent. Using activated charcoal can also soothe gum inflammation and prevent teeth discolouration.

To use activated charcoal, mix the powder with a bit of water until it forms a mouthwash. Swish the mixture for two minutes before spitting it out.

Naturally Whiten Teeth

The easiest way to avoid discolouration and keep teeth white is by regularly brushing them. Individuals experiencing discolouration even after brushing regularly should try brushing after eating or drinking. However, immediate brushing after consuming acidic foods and drinks might cause enamel erosion.

There are numerous whitening toothpastes in the market. They use mild abrasion, which helps remove tough stains from teeth surfaces. However, if there’s still discolouration even after using teeth-whitening products, some habits might cause yellowing. Some of the most common examples are smoking and chewing tobacco. Regular drinking of tea and coffee can also leave some stubborn stains that cause teeth to turn yellow.







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