Binga incest cases alarmingly shoot through the roof

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Binga incest cases alarmingly shoot through the roof What the heck?

COURTS in Binga are reporting a disturbingly high number of rape cases involving family members, particularly cousins.

Rape by a relative or family member is a traumatic experience.

Many women and girls who are abused by relatives are forced to continue living with or near their abusers.

Even if they want to report the abuse, they fear being victimised.

A case in point is that of a 16-year-old boy from Siamputeni village 44, Chishizya area, under Chief Sinamagonde in Binga, Matabeleland North province, who allegedly raped his 17-year-old cousin before brutally chopping her body into pieces after she threatened to report him to her mother.

The boy is said to have chopped her head and left limb with an axe before removing pieces of flesh with a knife from her back, right thigh and abdomen, leaving the intestines exposed.

Similarly, a 12-year-old girl from Kokoloza village in Lusulu was also allegedly sexually assaulted by her 23-year-old male cousin while they were herding cattle.

After the alleged rape, the perpetrator threatened to kill her if she ever revealed the matter to anyone.

In a recent case that is also before the Binga Magistrates’ Court, an 11-year-old girl from Sinamasanga village in the Siabuwa area was allegedly raped by her cousin aged 18.

It is believed that on April 14, 2024, the perpetrator, whose name is being withheld to protect the victim, was left with the girl as her parents went to a funeral.

At night, the accused was given a room, where he could sleep. At the same time, the victim slept in another room with her six-year-old sibling.

Around 8pm, taking advantage of the absence of the complainant’s parents, the accused reportedly went to the room where the victim was sleeping.

When he knocked on the door and realised that there was no response, he entered the unlocked room.

After gaining entry, he reportedly started caressing the victim.

He went on to undress and raped her.

The accused’s luck ran out when a relative arrived at the homestead around 5am to check on them.

When the relative first looked in the accused’s assigned sleeping room, he could not find him.

He was, however, shocked when he saw the accused coming from the room where the victim was sleeping.

He was then told by the victim that the accused had forcibly slept with her.

The relative then alerted other villagers and the accused fled.

He was eventually apprehended at the Mujeri Fishing Camp while attempting to find transport to cross the border into Zambia.

The accused has since appeared before a Binga resident magistrate charged with rape.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody until May 6. — B-Metro


Son kills mom in ‘black magic’ ritual

A young man fatally stabbed his mother as part of a “black magic” ritual, it has been reported.

Sandra Maria dos Santos Carvalho (58) was found with multiple knife wounds and her hand chopped off at her home in the city of Salvador, Brazil.

Her son, Jose Natan Carvalho, was arrested shortly after the gruesome discovery.

Appearing in court, he admitted to “cutting his mother’s neck and her hand with a knife”.

It is reported that the 21-year-old wanted to keep her fingers to access money in her bank account.

The judge told the local media that the youngster had confessed to the crime.

In court, Jose Natan claimed he had killed his mother during a “black magic” ritual after she performed one against him beforehand.

“He admitted to cutting his mother’s neck with a knife and then amputating her hand to access money in her bank account,” said the judge.

Sandra Maria’s body was found covered in a sheet and towel in a neighbourhood called Boca da Mata de Valeria.

Jose Natan’s cousin alerted the police after going to the family home where the mother and the suspect lived and detecting a strong smell.

Police said her body had begun decomposing, suggesting that she was killed days earlier.

The judge referred the accused to the health care network and psychosocial care network.

The case is being investigated by the department of homicide and personal protection of Salvador. — Wires


Friend shot dead in dispute over burger

A young man allegedly shot his friend dead for taking a bite out of his girlfriend’s burger in Pakistan, an investigation has concluded.

Suspect Daniyal Nazeer, named as the son of retired senior superintendent of police Nazir Ahmed Mirbahar, is believed to have attacked his friend as an argument broke out at the accused’s house in Karachi.

An inquiry into the events of February 8 concluded recently that Ali Keerio, the son of a sessions judge, was likely shot with a guard’s rifle after brazenly daring to take a large chunk out of Nazeer’s girlfriend’s burger.

Nazeer is reported to have ordered two “zinger burgers” for himself and his partner, Shazia, before he was sent into a rage over his friend’s indiscretion.

Ali sustained “severe injuries” after being shot, according to local media reports, and succumbed to his wounds on the way to hospital.

Following a probe lasting more than two months, investigators concluded that the police officer’s son had likely lashed out over the burger incident.

“Daniyal got into a serious fight with Ali over why he ate half of the burger without permission, which was ordered for his girlfriend Shazia,” the investigating officer confirmed, as reported in the media.

“We have arrested the accused and he is in jail pending trial,” the officer added.

Ali was named as the son of Karachi District South sessions judge Javed Keerio. — Wires

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