The perfect Christmas

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The perfect Christmas

The Sunday Mail

Prince Mushawevato —
TODAY many pause, take a break, put their feet up and wiggle their toes even if it be for just a moment. The year has been hectic and local artistes, politicians, business people and socialites alike will be spending this day with their loved ones.

They get to do all sorts of activities with family members who usually miss them during most weekends and other holidays of the year. Most Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25.

While the day has various meanings to different people, one stubborn fact is that most people can not afford to completely ignore the day.  One way or the other, people are forced to take part in celebrating the day.

Often Christmas Day begins with a short church service, which then ushers people into a jamboree mood.

The Sunday Mail Leisure last week interviewed some top personalities in the country.  They gave us Christmas messages for Zimbabweans leaving within and outside the country’s borders. Read on:
KILLER TKiller T (musician)
Please don’t drink and drive so that we all crossover to 2017 safe and sounding. Vanhu vasafarise please. Next year we are releasing more good songs so you need to be around kuti muzo spakwa nemangoma acho. Those who want to get wasted, please do so home.

charity-charambaCharity Charamba (ZRP national spokesperson)
The Zimbabwe Republic Police is making a passionate appeal to the generality of Zimbabweans and visitors to observe the country’s laws as they celebrate during this period. We would like to advise the public that ZRP will be out in full force before, during and after this period hence any suspicious activities should be reported promptly to the nearest police station or police officer on sight.

We also take this opportunity to wish everyone a crime free festive period and beyond.  Please take note that speed thrills but kills. Let us all contribute towards a crime and accident free holiday.
2112-2-1-jah-prayzahJah Prayzah (musician)
What is important are people’s lives. This is a period characterised by excitement. In that regard people can do things that can affect them for the rest of their life hence let’s be responsible and know there is life after Christmas and New Year celebrations. Equally, I wish everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2017.
2112-2-1-mai-chisambaDr Rebecca Chisamba (social commentator)
There is a lot of disagreement during this time and I feel there is need for transparency for some of these challenges to be avoided especially for those in marriage. We don’t want to hear that baba vari kuKariba mai vari kumusha.

Be together this festive season. This is a chance for you to cover up for the time lost during the year as you work for your family in your different occupations. And please drink responsibly.

Those that feel like overdoing it, please do so at home so that you straight away go to sleep the moment you start to lose it. The spirit of unity should prevail this festive season and beyond, be it within the family or country. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
2112-2-1-joseph-chinotimbaCde Joseph Chinotimba (politician)
All Zimbabweans regardless of race, colour or whatever, I’m saying congratulations tasvika end of year. Don’t drink too much this festive season.

But I want to warn you that vanonyengera havasi vachena chete. Your fellow countrymen can tell you bond notes are bad but in actual fact they are not.

Vanhu ngavatambire mabond notes vaone kuenda kumusha kune vamwe. Things are beginning to flow in the right direction as evidenced by the good rains we have been receiving thus far.

Next year we will be having our own surplus food not chekupihwa nevamwe. Chikafu chekukumbira chinonetsa because dzimwe nguva chinenge chisingaite.
2112-2-1-mai-charambaMai Olivia Charamba (musician)
The Charambas wish everyone a blessed Christmas. God has sustained us throughout the year let’s be thankful for that and every other thing he has done for us. Some may say what should I be thankful to God for?

The life and good health is worth thanking God for. Let’s be responsible travelers in whatever journey we embark on. To all our fans, we thank you for your unwavering support. Stay blessed in Jesus name.
2112-2-1-josh-hozheriJosh “Big Josh” Hozheri (music promoter)
I wish all Zimbabwean music lovers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. To those that have been supporting our projects well done and be merry.
2112-2-1-aaron-chiundura-moyoAaron Chiundura Moyo (actor)
Christmas comes and passes. It’s a day to rejoice but it does not mean much in actual fact. Let us just take it as any other weekend. The food we eat on the day is the same with what we eat throughout the year and so is the same with the drinks. Therefore there is no need to be over excited.
2112-2-1-enisia-mashushaEnisia Mashusha (dancer/actor)
I just want to take this opportunity to not only wish our fans and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season, but also to thank you for the encouragement throughout the year. I wish you the best in 2017.

This day should be spent with the family. I’m first going to church then later I will spend the lovely day with my children.

2112-2-1-sandra-ndebele-2Sandra Ndebele (musician/actor)
Merry Christmas to you all. I know it’s going to be difficult to celebrate because of cash shortages but let’s make do with the little we have. Life is too short and we only live once thus let’s rejoice this festive season.

clive-chigubuClive Chigubu (comedian)
The frustration is only calmed by a series of smiles, look back to your family achievements and have a toast to all lives lost for we got them in our hearts. Make ‘yeee yeee!’ your motivational line for Clive Chigubu wishes you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017 …eyeee yeee!! Drink responsibly.
2112-2-1-rosemary-siyachitemaRosemary Siyachitema (Consumer Council of Zimbabwe chief)
Wish all consumers a Happy Christmas, acknowledging it might be difficult due to prevailing cash shortages. I therefore encourage everyone to use plastic money if they have such means. Also plan what to buy so that you do not waste money.

There is always a temptation to overspend on Christmas but you should remember there are uniforms to buy in January and school fees to pay etcetera. If you can save money please do so.

Also make use of swipe machines at schools this coming term to avoid unnecessary stress due to cash shortages.

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