The Importance of BVR

26 Nov, 2017 - 00:11 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Joseph Ndhlovu (22) Norton
Biometric Voter Registration is a unique computerised system that is particularly oriented in identification and authentication of voter’s information using biometric processes. The system uses features of human beings like the fingerprint, eye, voice and face among others.

The major focus of the BVR is to prevent malpractices such as multi-registration which was believed to have been a problem in the recent decades focusing on improving the process aimed at providing a true and fair electoral results. The setup of the BVR is a great stride towards improvement in the way in which elections are conducted and it guarantees fair results. Taking advantage of its exclusive technological system, the BVR ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the elections with voters’ documents, retrieve service including security and processing of IDs which can only be done in a short period of time.

As we are heading towards 2018 presidential elections, it is vital for the youth to know that they are not trivial to partake in the process. Majority of young people used to take a back seat in the elections due to lack of confidence. For this time it’s a different scenario, it is better to participate than observing.

The youth makes up the economically active group which is rich with all talents, vibrant ideas, energy and in simple they are the future of the nation. It is very important for them to take advantage of the BVR to vote for their future.

The forthcoming harmonised elections in 2018 will undoubtedly present a platform with BVR for the youth from different edges and inner parts of the Republic of Zimbabwe to participate in the process with sufficient confidence. The BVR produces a clear and fair result.

I strongly feel that the youth have to realise that the BVR is utmost important for them .With such type of technology, I believe every youth must register with it for several advantages it has for us.

Hence, the BVR is an excellent tool, sensitisation campaigns for young people to vote with BVR, a major development which the authority has introduced, should continue. It is a welcome idea. Tomorrow is ours youth, let your voice be heard because it counts. It is us who can spearhead a new season with the technological advancement. If young people had taken a back seat in the past, the next election with BVR we have to take a seat with archangels of the process.

The BVR is very convenient, that is you can easily register wherever you are in the country. It gives convenience to those who go to work and makes sure that whether busy or relaxed you can deal properly with the BVR.

From all the above dimensions expanded for the BVR, one can logically conclude that the youth have all the reasons to register with BVR because it is very important for them. Let’s make our voice as youths count.

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