Tennis Zimbabwe goes back to basics

06 Apr, 2014 - 03:04 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Jeffrey Murimbechi
ZIMBABWE tennis celebrated with the rest of the countries in the 210-member International Tennis Federation which commemorated its 100 years of existence last month. The Harare Tennis Board hosted a celebratory junior training session at the Baseline Tennis Academy in Mount Pleasant. School children from Selborne Routledge had a golden opportunity of playing on a professional court, under the watchful eye of local tennis coach Paul Williams.

“The month of March has been set aside worldwide to commemorate tennis. We selected March 22 to celebrate as Harare province a day when we introduce the game to young children who may not know much about the game.

Hopefully they will all develop interest and take up tennis as a career someday,” said Harare Tennis board chairman Nesbet Chirewa.

Tennis is slowly spreading again as more schools are rallying up the few resources at hand to try and improve their facilities and coaching.

Recently, the Harare Tennis Board was invited to the official opening of the brand new tennis courts constructed at Shingai Primary School in Chitungwiza, and the school also had an opportunity to send out its plea for help from the board.

Williams reiterated that the boys and girls require more exposure for them to rise in the world of professional tennis.

“These children just need the opportunity to play more tennis and get the necessary guidance to become the Byron, Wayne and Cara Blacks of tomorrow.

“I was impressed on how they conducted themselves on the tennis court  today, you could see that they have the basics and that is what we are looking for,” said Williams, who runs a tennis academy in Borrowdale.

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