SMAC Inc wins Madrid award

24 Apr, 2016 - 00:04 0 Views
SMAC Inc wins Madrid award

The Sunday Mail

Construction and engineering company SMAC Incorporated has received international recognition for its work in public and private partnerships.
The firm recently walked away with the Global Trade Leaders’ Club award of excellence at award ceremony in Madrid, Spain.
The GTLC International Construction Award was handed over to SMAC’s managing director Mr Macmillan Mutusva.

The awards are organised and promoted by the Global Trade Leaders’ Club to recognise the pivotal role the construction industry plays in economic development.

“This trophy was created to distinguish and stimulate companies belonging to such important fields of activity. It constitutes a symbol at an international level and recognises the quality of the services provided. The Global Trade Leaders’ Club was the motor of these awards,” GTLC said in a statement announcing the winners.

Mr Mutusva said the GTLC recognition was not only an achievement for his company alone but for Brand Zimbabwe as well.
“We are honoured to have won this award and believe it is a start of better things to come. Such international recognition also goes some way in marketing brand Zimbabwe.

“Several guests at the award dinner in Spain were keen to engage our delegation and asked several interesting questions about Zimbabwe and its investment climate.

“We were shocked to learn that there some people who believe there is no business to talk of in Zimbabwe and took the opportunity to correct some misconceptions that these people had about our country,” he said.

SMAC Incorporated has been in operation for the last decade, providing construction and engineering services.
Added Mr Mutesva: “For us it’s been a long journey but we cannot trade that experience for anything because it has made us who we are today.

“We have been engaged in several projects in both public and private sector. We have a division which supplies mining, hardware, electrical and industrial equipment.

“Our major customers are Delta Lagers, National Oil Company of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Power Company, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Beitbridge Town Council and hope to increase our market share through aggressive marketing and the supply of quality products.”


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