Size4 models set to graduate

31 Jan, 2019 - 11:01 0 Views
Size4 models set to graduate

The Sunday Mail

Zion Divaris

FIFTEEN models, ranging from fashion, catwalk queens, face models, photographic beauties, to boudoir artistes – are set to graduate this Saturday at the exquisite Red Café in the capital.

The beauties are part of Size4 Modelling Agency, which has been churning out models, some of whom have gone on to represent Zimbabwe at various international platforms, for over two decades.

The Sunday Mail Society caught up with director of the modelling agency, Wilbert Rukato, who is also the mentor, modelling and grooming coach.

“Hundreds of models have passed through our hands. We teach them to embrace who they are, how to be true models and also how to live off it,” said Rukato, adding, “We make them ready for the world, where to survive professionally as a model is an uphill task.”

Rukato said although the glitz and glamour of the showbiz world where models spend most of their time is “treacherous”, the rewards for those that persevere can be tremendous.

“Modelling is an exclusive and unique personality and perception-based formula used to market, advertise and promote high-end products, world-class business concepts, expensive brand names and top drawer-type lifestyles.

“Standard models are of course the preferred medium of visual communication that is used by fashion stores, high-end clothing and accessories designers, and beauty and hair companies to make their products highly visible and attractive,” he said.

The opportunities are infinite, models are also big players in entertainment circles.

Rukato warns of the pitfalls of social media as well: “Too much social media presence without proper guidance can backfire and become a nightmare and a career death trap. Being a model is a fragile thing. One or two ugly newspaper articles or social media posts or any form of public scandal can ruin years of meticulous preparation and great work done. It can diminish the value of any outstanding achievements recorded.”

Just what is it that is expected of models before they can be certified gold as is set to happen this Saturday?

Said 22-year-old Tapuwanashe Allin Manyange, one of the 15 models graduating this week: “To be a top model you must be willing to learn, to practice regularly all the various walking styles and postures, stay in top shape, keep your portfolio up to speed, be clean, smart, fit, maintain good skin, well-kempt hair and nails, keep your wardrobe up-to-date and always be polite, patient and professional with your agency, photographers, clients, media personalities, your supporters and sponsors.”

Another model, Sharon Muganiwa, said, “While Modelling should be fun and exciting, it must always be treated as a business first and never ever as a hobby. You can live off of it if you are clever enough and modelling opens doors no other career can.”


Rukato says all models that have passed through Size4 are encouraged to “never stop pursuing higher and tertiary education and other employment opportunities”.

“One of my models, Natasha is set to start a course in dental therapy, she has told me she will not end there. We encourage this because beauty and brains is the ultimate combination, one should always have more than one option career-wise,” he said.

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