SHARP SHOOTER: Living in envy of Dr Amai

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SHARP SHOOTER: Living in envy of Dr Amai First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe - Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda

The Sunday Mail

Feeble minds hate First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe because they never enjoyed a mother’s love.

By Vukani Madoda

They are bitter and disoriented because they are economically, socially and politically motherless. Their mothers resemble the Biblical murderer brought before King Solomon to cruelly petition for a child to be sliced in half; while our First Lady clearly is the mother who asked the king to let the child live.

President Mugabe is loathed for his much-accomplished wife, our First Lady, because she is successful, strategic, visionary, beautiful, motherly and half a century old.

There is so much hate for the First Family amongst political minnows who headline editorial hogwash in a desperate bid to spite the accomplishments of a husband and wife whom they dream of emulating day and night.

There is so much envy that consumes them until they resemble the bones of Chenjerai Hove who died a pale shadow of the iconic literary guru he could have been.

Most of those who hate the First Lady exile themselves from selfless journalist principles in an exuberant bid to please a master who is quick to terminate their contracts of employment because they did not spew enough insults on Dr Amai.

Deep down, the majority of Zimbabweans are proud of their refreshing First Lady. Oh how sweet the sound of her soft and wise undertones echo in this chilly midwinter weather. You have to love this amazing woman; you have to admire her; you have to adore her because she is the epitome of what a real mother and a real wife is and ought to be.

Her sugary melodies of reprove are magnetic, spellbinding and keep many-a-man awe-stricken and mesmerised. There is so much to learn about her and from her.

However, there is so much more to learn about her husband and from her husband, President Robert Mugabe. Therefore, defiling either one of them is a low down dirty rotten shame.

In 1996 when they wedded in the humble surroundings of President Mugabe’s village of origin at Kutama Mission, very few could see as far as 2015 and what this unison would resemble in contemporary times.

Many prophets of doom thought that not much would amount from the wedding for one flimsy reason or another. Still others foolishly dismissed it as a nine days wonder which would not amount to much. However, in their heart of hearts envy was carved in such a fashion that the envy began to carve for itself their own destruction.

Today the very same prophets of doom who are still surviving are bewildered by the amazing grace of Zimbabwe’s leading couple.

Not only is there coherence, consistency and lucidity in the manner in which both husband and wife address the public but there is also a nagging realisation that there is well-orchestrated collaboration and co-operation between the two which makes them such a formidable force needing only the soundest of opponents to reckon with them.

Unfortunately, instead of recognising this unique partnership, the opposition and its miserable cabals huff and puff to bootlick their paymasters by referring to some incomprehensible frenzy.

It never ceases to amaze me that we still encounter silly imbeciles amongst the dwindling internal adversaries of this great nation who quickly and perilously dismiss the wise counsel and invaluable caution that Dr Amai frankly and generously makes known.

For instance, towards the end of last year, Dr Amai made a passionate plea to the now officially dishonourable Joice Mujuru to apologise to President Mugabe for her diabolic corrupt deeds or she would be sacked; and to stop plotting to assassinate President Mugabe and to stop creating her own selfish centre of power by creating a faction within the ruling party; the results of which she was going to be cast out into the cold.

These were just warnings and these warnings were also targeted at Joice’s staunch followers and blind followers like the pitiable Jabulani and the misguided Temba who began to hate the First Lady for her warnings.

Spurred on by Jabu, Themba, Tom and Dick, an arrogant Joice pompously ignored the writing on the wall and her followers in the mould of blabber-mouthing Rugare and Didymus further urged her on to defy the amazing woman whose grace our

President is elegantly covered in. The consequences and repercussions of the stupidity and stubbornness of not heeding the First Lady subsequently swiftly took root and the once “infallible” Joice and her Gamatox cabal soon found themselves gasping for air in an intolerant political wilderness which they still find themselves in today.

Consequently, their hate for the First Lady has stupendously grown and they now wish they had half as much charisma as she has.

Certainly those that took office to replace Joice did not make the mistake to leave their pen and paper in inaccessible places lest the First Lady would decide to freely give them a tip or two on essential governance matters of strategic relevance for the growth and development of this country.

Instead of hating the First Lady, they loved her. Instead of envying her, they emulated her.

Surely, I fail to understand why on Earth the two VPs would not seize the slightest opportunity to take note of what the First Lady would have said.

I am sure that having the rare privilege to tap insights from your boss’ spouse about your boss’ intents and purposes is perhaps the most welcome gift of one’s career.

Enemies of the State hate the fact that the First Lady knows so much about the President. She knows so much which they do not know.

There is a lot that the boss’ spouse will always know which aides, secretaries, cabinet, parliament, tea-boy’s and cleaners will never know and it is harnessing that hard-to-come-by information which entrenches ones power and position within the hierarchy and system of things.

It is therefore, not only another sign of hate for the First Lady but it is also dangerously misleading to believe that when the boss’ spouse reveals information she is “staking her claim” to power because if it means that having this information means staking her claim then I should not be doubted when I counter-argue that it also means the First Lady has been in power since 1996 soon after President Mugabe answered in the affirmative after Archbishop Patrick Chakaipa asked him if he wanted to take Dr Amai as his lawfully wedded wife.

The First Lady is hated because she is the First Lady. Many would have wanted to be her.

Even Barack Obama would have wanted to be her that is why he legalised gay associations.

Nevertheless, it is common cause that many would have wanted to be her because she is seated at the right hand of the most influential African man alive, President Mugabe.

It is only when one refuses to understand the fundamental basic principles of the amazing grace of Dr Amai that one ends being as frivolous as MDC-T presidential spokesperson Luke who has mastered the art of understudying an amateur court jester like Jabulani and then ends up prefixing every sentence they utter in mockery of the Latin expression de facto.

De facto this, de facto that.

That expression, in reality, applies very appropriately to a de facto irrelevant opposition called MDC-T and its offshoots, who specialise in hyping its electorate to boycott elections.

It is the language of de facto haters of the First Lady and it is absurd that Obert Gutu and Jacob Mafume, having studied Law, miss the de facto nullity of their opposition.

Dr Amai is the embodiment of the infinite wisdom that oozes out of President Mugabe, that is why she is hated and that is why she is envied by the opposition. There is no doubt that President Mugabe is of sound mind and body because of the choices he has made in his life past and present.

There is no doubt that the prophecy of Proverbs 18:22 comes true in President Mugabe and the First Lady because indeed “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.” There is no doubt that once again President Mugabe has proved far much smarter, sharper and shrewder than all his adversaries inside Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe and outside Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe. Dr Amai is the ammunition that all enemies and haters of this great nation should be prepared to face.

She is hated by regressive opposition institutions because she is the graceful Gatling gun that mows down the enemy such as the MDC and the Gamatox cabal who are accustomed to primitive and ancient armoury.

They envy the First Lady because she is a sweet sound that will save wretches who are remorseful. She is a sweet sound that will save political souls that are lost.

She is a sweet sound that will make those who were once blind, to see.


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