‘Respect the military’

30 Jul, 2017 - 00:07 0 Views
‘Respect the military’

The Sunday Mail

Walter Nyamukondiwa in Chinhoyi
Zimbabwe’s military leaders are revolutionaries who participated in the Second Chimurenga, and deserve respect, President Mugabe has said.  At the fifth Presidential Youth Interface Rally here yesterday, he said the security sector should always stand ready to defend the country from any external threat.
“We give immense respect to our defence forces. Most of those in leadership are persons we were with outside the country, and we continue to respect them as revolutionaries.
“Yes, they will retire and we must find room for them in Government so that they do not languish, so that they continue with the struggle now, political struggle, together with all of us. That is what we expect to happen.” President Mugabe said the principle of the party leading the gun, which helped guide the liberation war, remained applicable.
“. . .Takazoita real struggle nepfuti tikarasikirwa nevakawanda and along the way kwese, whether it was on the Zapu or Zanu side. The recognition was that politics leads the gun. Hondo inenge iri hondo inotungamirirwa pakurongwa kwayo neparty.
“Varwi vanotungamirirwa neparty. Pfungwa dzinobva kuparty kuti tinoda zvakadai zvakadai. Imi rongai kuti tikurire muvengi. That must not be forgotten and that must not be abandoned even today as we are in Government.”He added: “We are in Government now and, still, in a better way, as the Patriotic Front. The laws that are made come from the party and are passed in Parliament. They are obeyed by Government, which has the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, Intelligence and Security. All combine to defend the country. Internally, in respect of law and order. Externally, in respect of guarding our borders. And staying ready should we be attacked from outside. This is how we are. This is how all governments are and we want the situation to remain that way.”

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