Respect, love: The cornerstones of marriage

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Respect, love: The cornerstones of marriage

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February is a month that celebrates love.

Marital issues become topical as a result.

The backbone of marriage happens to be love and respect.

Experts define marriage as the legally or formally recognised union of two people, man and woman, as partners in a personal relationship.

An unbreakable bond between life partners makes a marriage healthy.

Have you ever imagined how difficult a relationship would be without respect?

A man and woman have different but crucial roles to play in a marriage.

Both should respect each other’s roles.

According to the Oxford dictionary, respect means you accept somebody for who they are, even when they are different from you or you do not agree with them.

Respect in a relationship builds feelings of trust, safety and wellbeing.

It overlooks all trivial issues that threaten marriage as an institution.

Acknowledging and respecting each other will make a couple’s relationship stronger.

Some differences are not worth fighting over.

However, respect does not come naturally: One has to actually learn to respect.

Well, respect means recognising the value and importance of your partner.

It is easy to claim to have respect for others, but putting it to practice can be difficult.

If you do not respect your partner, no one will.

Couples should always use respectful titles when addressing each other for others follow suit.

I am sure we all agree that love makes a marriage strong.

Love is the very essence of creation.

The world exists and keeps going because of love.

Essentially, it gives a feeling of liking or longing for somebody.

At its core, love is about commitment.

It is far more than flirting as portrayed on the small and big screen or in romance novels.

Feelings come and go, but a genuine decision to be committed lasts forever.

And that is what defines healthy marriages.

Just like respect, if you do not love your partner, no one will.

Love protects and involves a lot of sacrifices.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and requires partners to stand by each other through thick and thin.

Trying times easily prove one’s commitment to the union.

Quote of the week: If you do not love and respect your own marriage, no one will.

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