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PE Jazz Band
We are the esteemed Prince Edward School Jazz Band, appealing to the public for their generous support and sponsorship in cash or kind.

Having done exploits on the local front, the Prince Edward School Jazz Band has been afforded the once in a lifetime opportunity to venture on a musical tour of New York City, United States of America. Therefore, this appeal goes out to all corporates and individuals who can assist us as schoolchildren in taking the heartbeat of musical talent in Zimbabwe to the USA this September.

As some may already know, the Prince Edward School Jazz Band has performed at a number of corporate events as well as charity events. For example, the ACCA membership dinner, the opening of the Standard Chartered Bank branch along First Street in the Central Business District and at the British Embassy,  to mention just a                                                                                              few.

We are also proud and glad to say that we have managed to set a pace of being the musical benchmark in the country, having been able to come first at the Battle of the Bands competitions hosted annually by the Italian Em-                                                                               bassy.

Furthermore, the Prince Edward School Jazz Band this year in April hosted a musical festival with the intention of imparting the exposure we have gained over the years to other schools.

Oliver Mtukudzi

The festival ran under the theme, “Creating Opportunity for the Youths through Music”, and the schools which participated include Tynwald High School, Heritage School, St George‘s and many more.

This destival was also graced by the great music legend, Dr OIiver Mtukudzi, who found it necessary to attend as his late son, Sam Mtukudzi,  was also a part of the prominent Prince Edward School Jazz Band. This festival, having been the first, will also not be the last as this will be an annual event for                                                                                   us.

We have also been privileged to stage at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) for several years and we have also made it a point to participate in the NIAA competitions which for quite a while has been the main highlight of our well-known performances. In all of these competitions, we have scooped a number of honours than any other school.


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