Outlast, outthink your problems

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A life without problems is a myth. There is no place on earth without problems. The earlier you stop running away from problems the better life will be for you.

When you solve one problem, you create another. When you run away from a gang of problems, where you go you will be greeted by another gang of problems.

Everyone you meet is on a problem journey. They are either in one or leaving one, and entering into another.

Do not think your problems are special, there is always someone with problems that are so big that yours appear like a footnote in their world. Everyone has problems its just that they may not be as loud about their problem.

True greatness is to be able to remain sane in the midst of your problems and not to lose focus. An uncluttered mind in the midst of clutter is a hallmark of greatness.

The chaos outside you does not need to be the chaos inside you. Spend your time and energy focusing on solutions and not obsessed and worried about problems.

Your gift is here

Every problem that you face is a special gift sent to grow you. The value of problems is that they create a little discomfort that is necessary for you to develop.

You will always be in your comfort zone until a problem wakes you up to smell reality. Whatever the size of your problems you do not solve them by running away.

Do not run away from your problems. That will be side-stepping your own growth and development.

Problems expose knowledge, maturity and development gaps. Allow your problem to give you your growth syllabi.

Before a problem exists, the answers are already there. What takes time is wising up to be able to supply the needed solution. Trouble your troubles. Do not just sit like a duck and allow your problems to bully you.

Some problems are not as large as they are portrayed and as fearful as they are dressed up. In retrospect most problems have simple solutions.

What takes time is crossing the chasm from problem to solution. Problems are just opportunities decked with thorns.

Problems are not roadblocks, they are just exercise tools sent to exercise your mind and spirit. If you had not problems you would forget to think and pray.

All problems expire

Nothing last forever. Organisms die. Drugs expire. Plants rot. Seasons change. Your problems are mortal, and solutions are infinitely abundant.

Do not cry because your have mountains of problems. Always smile and remember that your problems have an expiry date.

Your problems will one day dissolve or resolve. It may take long, but never despair or lose heart. Refuse to give your problems permanent status, always regard them as unwanted squatters without title deeds.

Do not be fixated on your current problems, out-grow, out-learn, out-think and out-work them. Grow faster than your problems. Mature faster than your troubles.

Never lose the opportunity to grow when a problem visits you. You would have wasted a learning opportunity.

Problems change you

Whatever problem you face will never leave you where it found you. Storms are sometimes full of intensity and confusion. When you are through the storm, you many never fully remember all the details of the storm and how you survived and what the fuss was all about.

What is true is that once you are on the other side you are a different person. Problems are trampolines to help you bounce to greatness.

How problems change you does not depend on the problem but on you. Survive your adversities and outlast your problems. Refuse to die in your winter and to suffer needlessly.

Great leaders are birth by deep crises. Heroes emerge in the most intense battles. Bravery without challenge is fiction. Greatness without challenge is a phantom feat.

Your focus matters

The best way through problem is to focus beyond the problem and the difficulty. Hope will always sustain you and give you staying power in a storm.

You always move in the direction of your mental focus. Your challenges are not fuelled by people or circumstances. They are fuelled by the way you think about your challenges.

The path of cowardice is to hope that the problems will solve themselves without your involvement or with your death. Refuse to die and let other people inherit your problems and irresponsible actions.

Your problems will always be as big as you interpret them to be. Use your imagination in the right way.

The problem with most problems is that we do not bring enough imagination and creativity to the problems. Focusing on the past and hoping for solutions is to dig deeper into your hole.

The digging that got you into a hole is usually not enough to take you out of the hole. Unless you change your action, implement and strategy, you will always be complaining but in your hole.

Have the courage to distinguish between problems and temporary minor inconvenience. If you walk with your eyes open, you are likely to find someone who has ten-times your problems, but can still smile and believe in the future.

Never waste your energy trying to go mountain climbing on a little molehill behind your house. Do not waste your mental processing time by worrying.

Deploy the brain power into problem-solving. Choose big problems to solve that are worth your effort and talent.

Do not pray to be kept away from problems, that would be to insulate yourself from greatness. Pray that you have the courage to confront and overcome your problems.

No problem has enough guts to resist persistent action, visionary thinking and innovation.

Playing the blame game

The best way to stay in your problems is to play the blame game. Whoever you blame for your miseries you empower to make you miserable.

To choose misery in such a big world full of opportunity and options in an unimaginative and poor choice.

Take personal responsibility. There is no problems that does not have a solution and that will last forever. Have courage and dare to dream big and bold.

Some problems will demand work from you, work them. Others will demand sweat, sweat them out. Some problems will demand sleep-less execution, execute and get things done.

No problem that you address will leave you at the same place and unrewarded. Stop giving your problems too much respect and status they do not deserve.

Take massive action and do something, do daily and do massively.

Take charge of your life. It is not the tide that captains the ship but the captain. Your problems do not decide your destiny, you do. It is useless to continue complaining about problems that you are contributing to.

You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. When you see recurring problems it means that your methods of the past have lost relevance and the time for change has come.

Never give up. Never, ever give up so easily. You may have to take a little rest but do not give up. Never give up without getting your reward for your struggles and your faith.

Have faith in the future. Eliminate the word “impossible” from your vocabulary. Persist like a warrior.

Persevere for however long it would take for your problem to become a trophy and history in your life.

Never let the shame of today, stop you from dreaming. Vision is seeing the future and embracing it now in faith.

Do not lose your enthusiasm and never let cynicism pollute your thinking and tear your dream list.

These problems you see today, will make interesting stories tomorrow.

Committed to your greatness

Milton Kamwendo is a cutting-edge international transformational and inspirationalspeaker, author and coach. He is a strategy and innovation consultant and leadership coach. His life purpose is to inspire people to release the greatness trapped in them. He can be reached at: [email protected] and on Whatsup at: 0772422634.

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