Old habits die hard

17 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views
Old habits die hard

The Sunday Mail

SO local horse racing punters are on cloud nine following an announcement that the sport returns at Borrowdale Racecourse this week.

This development comes after a series of engagements between Mashonaland Turf Club (MTC) and Government to hold the first-ever horse race meeting during the Covid-19 era.

MTC’s last horse race meeting was held on March 27, a few days before the start of the ongoing Covid-19 national lockdown.

Thus, the announcement to resume action more than 40 days later is certainly sweet news to punters.

Gambling is highly addictive.

This lot has been looking miserable in the past weeks.

Sorry to say, but most of them are hopeless addicts that hardly skip an opportunity to place a bet on their favourite horse(s).

Over the past weeks, desperate punters who have been loyal to the sport for decades had to try to get a fix through betting on dog racing. Talk of nursing a habit at all cost. Kikikiki.

MTC has promised to abide by the guidance from health authorities by adopting preventive measures like fumigating their area at least three times a day, practising social distancing and ensuring their jockeys wear face masks all the time.

Lockdown measures have since been relaxed and most people offering essential services are now able to go about their daily routines.

However, public gatherings of any sort are still banned, except for funerals whose number of mourners remain limited to 50 or fewer people.

Bars and social clubs remain closed.

Enter the careless and hazardous lot.

Some imbibers have seen it fit to conveniently disregard the lockdown measures.

In fact, let us just say drunkards are an amazing lot.

It is an open secret that guzzlers go to extremes just to get a sip of that precious liquid.

However, that level of zealotry is not only suicidal for them as it also places their families at risk.

Technically, bars and clubs are closed but most of them are clandestinely operating — including some in the CBD.

Perhaps Government just needs to make their operations official so that they can be properly managed and regulated.

Imbibers are frequenting watering holes almost daily to enjoy their favourite drinks and games like pool.

The sad thing is that these places are often poorly ventilated as doors and often windows, will be closed. This certainly is a conducive environment for any airborne disease! Club life is rolling as usual for the radical imbibers, with the missing link only being the traditional noise from music and high-pitched voices of raconteurs.

Vane marambadoro (those that behave weirdly after intoxication) are not allowed to be part of this clandestine imbibing community lest they blow the cover.

This is a period that cultivated relations are proving effective.

If you did not have a regular imbibing place, one that you are greeted by your totem or moniker upon arrival, then you cannot be part of the supposed gentle guzzlers’ secret convention.

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