NEW: Pharmacists in campaign against drug abuse

23 Jun, 2022 - 16:06 0 Views
NEW: Pharmacists in campaign against drug abuse

The Sunday Mail

Online Reporter

COMMUNITY Pharmacists Association (CPA) has launched an anti-drug abuse programme, to raise awareness of the scourge in learning institutions.

The programme – which is being supported by Pharmacists Against Drug Abuse, the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Pharmaceutical Students Association and PharmDrive – is running under the theme: ‘The Role of Teenagers and Young Adults in Eradicating Drug and Substance Abuse in Zimbabwe.’

In a statement, CPA said it is extending the programme to all provinces.

“Pharmacists, being the custodians of medicines and drugs, have taken it upon themselves to partner the Government of Zimbabwe in fighting this scourge of drug and substance abuse.

“This programme is going to be run in all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe at high schools and universities,” said CPA.

“Drug and substance abuse is one such harmful practice amongst teenagers and young adults that needs to be eliminated before 2030.”

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