New liquid organic fertiliser on the market

07 Nov, 2021 - 00:11 0 Views
New liquid organic fertiliser on the market

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A RUSSIAN fertiliser manufacturing company, Ecorost, has introduced a new liquid organic fertiliser on the market to help farmers during the 2021-2022 summer cropping season.

Ecorost is distributing the fertiliser through its local entity, Keshidale Investments, which has plans to build a manufacturing plant in Mutare.

Globally, the use of organic liquid fertiliser is on the increase on account of several advantages that include being environmentally friendly, as the fertilisers are absorbed by the plant directly without the soil competing for nutrients.

Also, organic liquid fertilisers are far cheaper and easier to transport than the commonly used fertilisers.

In a statement, Ecorost said the liquid organic fertilisers are a useful alternative for farmers.

“The Ecorost fertiliser is a viable option for farmers during this summer cropping season.

“Liquid organic fertilisers are high in natural biologically active ingredients which include fuvic and humic acids and trace elements essential for stimulation of plant growth. This fertiliser improves germination time and percentage, increases yields and also maintains soil water holding capacity while reducing the overall production costs.”

The company said the fertiliser is applicable on all types of crops and soil types.

In addition to Zimbabwe, Ecorost is operating in several countries that include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates and Spain.

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