NEW: Kwangwa hails new netball league

10 Sep, 2021 - 19:09 0 Views
NEW: Kwangwa hails new netball league

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ZIMBABWE senior women’s captain Felistus Kwangwa has hailed the formation of the country’s first Premier Netball League (PNL).

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch of the PNL in the capital, the Gems skipper described the formation of the elite league as a milestone for the local netballers as it will open up opportunities for them.

“It is no secret that for you to play at the highest level and for international clubs you must be playing in a competitive league and from a high ranking country.

“This is why the launch of this league is important. It gives us an opportunity to be seen and to be heard as we do what we love best, playing, playing and playing netball in a competitive league,” said Kwangwa.

She said the setting up of the league will help the national team to be a competitive side at international tournaments.

“After gracing the 2019 World Cup, we would try our best but you could see that there was a difference in how we would compete with other nations that had running leagues, hence the setting up of an elite netball league in the country will help us to be more competitive at these major tournaments,” said Kwangwa.

She added that the netball league will open doors for players to ply their trade beyond the country’s borders.

“Having an elite netball league means that our players will have an opportunity to be scouted and get a chance to ply their trade outside the country, just like what happens with football.

“The coming in of this league is a big welcome to us as players to broaden our opportunities,” she said.

Kwangwa welcomed the decision to resume netball after months of inactivity.
“This is something we have longed for over the last 18 months when the sport we live for had been affected by the pandemic.

“All we ask as players is that the league creates a safe playing environment that is strict and follows all laid down Covid-19 protocols as announced by our Government,” she said.
Eighteen teams will participate in the inaugural PNL.

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