NEW: Poultry scheme opens new chapter for women …as over 1 000 women get poultry training 

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NEW: Poultry scheme opens new chapter for women  …as over 1 000 women get poultry training 

The Sunday Mail

Theseus Shambare 

At the tender age of 19, tragedy struck for Hildah Tambudzeni when she lost both her parents in a vehicle accident.

Left without the support of her extended family, Hildah found herself at the crossroads, where survival hung precariously in the balance.

Amid desperation, Hildah’s peers proposed a perilous path to sustain herself: engaging in sex work.

Guided by her deep-rooted faith in Christianity, she defied her peers and made a courageous decision to forge a different path.

Determined to honour her values while securing her future, Hildah turned to the world of vending.

Nestled among the vibrant stalls of Domboramwari Shops in Epworth, Hildah stands as a testament to the power of resilience.

With unwavering determination, she sets up her humble stall every day, offering an array of meticulously arranged tomatoes to passers-by.

On Monday, another chapter in Hildah’s life was opened.

This time, it is from one of Government’s programmes.

Government is rolling out the Presidential Poultry Scheme in urban areas, targeting women for training in poultry, who then get free chicks and feed.

A total of 1 200 women from Harare Zone 5 (Mabvuku, Epworth and Hatfield) underwent a one-day training in Epworth on Monday.

This is now the fourth zone to get training after Zone 2 (Highfields, Budiriro, Glen View and Glen Norah), Zone 3 (Kuwadza, Warren Park and Dzivarasekwa) and Zone 4 (Borrowdale, Mt Pleasant, Harare East, Hatcliffe and Sunningdale).

Women who graduate from the training get free broilers and layers, with complimentary feed for the initial cycle.

“My peers wanted me to join them in their sex work trade, but I rejected that idea.

“Before she died, my mother used to teach me on what is expected from a Christian and whenever I think of doing anything, I evaluate if it is something that is of good morals,” Tambudzeni told The Sunday Mail Online in an interview.

“I thank God for letting the Government carry out such programmes. I am looking forward to seeing this project jump-start my enterprise.”

Another beneficiary, Mrs Selina Mashamba said the programme will end idleness in women.

“Most women in this part of Harare usually spend more time idle, but with projects like poultry, we now use our time productively,” she said.

“It is a great start by Government. We hope that they will also go on to help those people with disabilities so that no one is left behind.”

Mrs Linda Madondoro of Ward 6, Epworth North, said the poultry project will transform her life for the better.

“I am unemployed and this project will help me in many ways. I am looking forward to being able to send children to school at the same time as having a source of income to buy other basics,” she said.

Epworth ward 5 councillor Mr Chamunorwa Takundwa said women were the backbone of any community.

“For us to see development, it has to start with women who constitute the largest section of our population,” he said. “I hope more projects will continue coming for women as we seek to leave no one behind towards Vision 2030.” Zanu PF Harare provincial women’s league chairperson Cde Ratidzo Mukarati, who officially launched the training, said the poultry programme served to mitigate vagaries of the El Niño phenomenon.

“With the drought that has hit our country, women need to take care of their families. Poultry will help urban communities as a source of both funds and nutrition,” she said.

The scheme’s broad objective is to have the country’s annual chicken production leap to 450 million with an estimated value of US$2,7 billion by 2025.

The Presidential Poultry Scheme is targeting three million households from mainly vulnerable groups, including women and youth-headed families.

It comes with the vaccination of the birds by the Department of Veterinary Services to mitigate against diseases.


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