NEW: Duo dragged to court over US$7,7k fraud  

06 May, 2022 - 12:05 0 Views
NEW: Duo dragged to court over US$7,7k fraud  

The Sunday Mail

Online Reporter  

COLLEN Chipepera and Obson Mapiye have appeared in court for allegedly duping a woman of US$7 700.

The Harare-based duo were remanded in custody to May 27, 2022 by magistrate Mrs Yeukai Dzuda.

Prosecutor Ms Lynette Gwasira said on July 12, 2018, Chipepera approached the complainant and presented a business proposal claiming he could facilitate the purchase of plastic granules from China.

He further claimed his employer, Mapiye, had international foreign currency accounts that can assist in purchasing the product.

The complainant fell for the trap and initially gave the first accused person US$2 400 as initial deposit.  Chipepera lied that the products would arrive within six weeks, and the complainant went on to give him an additional US$5 300 to complete the transaction.

After some time, Chipepera told the complainant that he had been duped of the initial deposit, but had managed to recover the US$5 300 that was in the second accused Mapiye’s international account.

The complainant demanded back the US$5 300, but Mapiye kept insisting they look for another product to buy, which the complainant did not want since trust had been lost.

The complainant made a report and the duo were arrested on April 20.

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