NEW: ‘Consumers have the right to choose’ 

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NEW: ‘Consumers have the right to choose’ 

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THE Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) says there is need for service providers to undergo regular professional development and refresher courses with regards to services they offer to ensure they are disseminating correct information to consumers.

Consumers now have greater protection following the promulgation of the Consumer Protection Act in December 2019, which requires companies and service providers to provide consumers with adequate information that will help them in decision-making.

CCZ spokesperson Mr Chris Kamba said consumers have the right to choose a product or service of their choice, and companies are required to help them realise this right.

“Sub-part C (Section 18-25) of the Act speaks to the ‘Right to Choose’. Prior to a customer choosing any product or service, a service provider is expected to explain all key features on the range of products or service the customer is interested in to enable the consumer to make an informed decision,” said Mr Kamba.

“To achieve this, the Consumer Protection Act mandates business to provide information in plain and understandable language. This means that the point of contact from which the consumer seeks information on products or services of choice must be able to articulate all key aspects of the product or service of choice to the consumer.

“This makes it important for business to ensure that employees undergo regular professional development and refresher courses with regards to the services they offer so as to ensure that they are imparting correct information to consumers.”

According to CCZ, consumers must be made aware of all charges they will incur, fees, penalties and any other financial obligations that will arise as a result of them choosing a particular product or service.


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