NEW: Another gem linked with Iceland move  

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NEW: Another gem linked with Iceland move  

The Sunday Mail

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ZIMBABWE are still under FIFA sanctions, but that has not stopped some England-born Zimbabwean footballers from dreaming about playing for the Southern African country.

One such player is rising defender Bolton Makwedza.

The 19-year-old former Sheffield United and Rotherham United youth teams star has been maturing over the last five years.

He is currently being chased by top-flight teams in Iceland, where fellow Zimbabweans Kundai Benyu and Silas Songani are also plying their trade.

The former Rotherham U18 player spoke to The Sunday Mail Online about his progress and looming move to Iceland.

“I would like to say my progress has been steady,” said Makwedza, who was scouted by a school teacher when he was still 14.

The teacher linked Makwedza with Sheffield United, where he played for the youth teams before moving to Rotherham.

He played over 40 games for Rotherham’s U18 side.

“From Sheffield United I went from strength-to-strength, as I earned a scholarship with Rotherham United.

“I now look forward to the opportunity of playing abroad professionally.

“I am now looking to go abroad with opportunities to play in Iceland in the Premier League or First Division.”

The 19-year-old centre-back is managed by SRV Sports Group, a UK-based football agency owned by Zimbabwean Tendai Nyatito.

SRV Sports Group were behind Benyu and Songani’s moves to Iceland.

It is a very inspirational and motivational feeling knowing that fellow Zimbabweans are out there in Iceland playing well week in, week out.

“It inspires me to believe I can reach the standard he (Benyu) is at.

“It also adds some assurance as I know I can go to him for advice and support. He has experience and is now used to the country and the way football is played there,” added Makwedza.

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