NEW: A book for vendors

23 Mar, 2023 - 14:03 0 Views
NEW: A book for vendors Jerry Nyazungu

The Sunday Mail

Online Reporter

ENTREPRENEUR and life coach, Jerry Nyazungu, has penned a book titled “Selling Like a Vendor” that aims to inspire vendors to conduct their businesses professionally.

A former vendor himself, Nyazungu says his goal is to transform Zimbabwe into a selling society.

“I did not write the book from research but from my personal experiences in sales,” he said.

“I have personally done everything I wrote about and have trained my team and we are getting positive results.

“My goal is to transform Zimbabwe and Africa into a selling society. If you go to the United States of America or China, you will discover that everyone will be trying to sell something because their entire economies are driven by sales.”

Nyazungu is targeting to train a number of salespeople in Zimbabwe and beyond.

“I hope the book will be adopted by learning institutions and companies as a manual on selling and closing deals the African way,” he said.

“Some Zimbabweans are impoverished but they do not require handouts from donors, they need to be empowered with selling skills.


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