Mushayavanhu: Insights from farewell speech

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Mushayavanhu: Insights from farewell speech ADIEU . . . Dr John Mushayavanhu (left) and the new FBC Holdings group CEO, Mr Trynos Kufazvinei, share a lighter moment at a farewell dinner in his honour on Thursday

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Enacy Mapakame

IT is the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter as Dr John Mushayavanhu, a paragon of visionary leadership, leaves FBC Holdings Limited to head the apex bank — the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

Transformative leadership abilities of the renowned banker, with over 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector, 26 of them with FBCH, saw the growth of the financial institution anchored in a good business model and corporate governance.

Dr Mushayavanhu’s leadership saw FBCH evolve into a leading financial services provider in Zimbabwe, a legacy that paved the way for his new role as RBZ governor, contrary to the misconception that only CBZ leaders automatically qualify to be at the helm of the central bank.

In his farewell presentation, Dr Mushayavanhu reflected on a trailblazing tenure that saw the group not only solidify its position within Zimbabwe, but also reach beyond the borders with the establishment of FBC Reinsurance Botswana in 2022, among others.

This extension into Botswana marked a significant step in FBC Holdings’ regional growth and honed its focus on delivering customised reinsurance solutions to meet the unique needs of a diverse client base.

But the group’s strategic acumen did not stop at reinsurance. The acquisition of Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe stands testament to the bold and assertive stance the group has embodied — adding another feather to its cap.

Under his stewardship, FBCH also embraced digital transformation, launching innovative products like the yako! insurance service and a digital account-opening solution, contributing significantly to financial inclusion and the national policy on the same concept. He may prioritise similar advancements at the RBZ, potentially promoting financial inclusion and efficiency.

The establishment of a Climate Finance and Sustainability Department underscored FBCH’s commitment to environmental and social governance.

“As I look back in time, the year 1997 evokes in me memories of a small unknown bank that entered a market dominated by the big international banks that we all know,” said Dr Mushayavanhu at a farewell dinner hosted for him.

“Through our determination, however, we managed to make our presence relevant to the markets we serve. What we see today is a brand that has evolved over the years to become one of the leading financial services brands that commands market respect,” he said.

One of the biggest strengths exhibited at FBCH during Dr Mushayavanhu’s tenure is the ability to survive in a rapidly changing operating environment, where others failed — another exhibition of his acumenship, which gives the market confidence that his new role at the central bank will also usher in sound monetary policies that will help arrest inflation and exchange rate volatility, and boost economic growth.

Dr Mushayavanhu emphasised the importance of strong corporate governance and compliance with regulations. This suggests that he may take a more conservative approach to monetary policy, focusing on maintaining stability and preventing inflation.

However, he also mentioned the need for innovation and agility in the financial sector, which suggests that he may be open to new ideas and technologies.

“Reflecting on my journey as the outgoing FBCH group chief executive, I also asked myself what we could have done better. Ladies and gentlemen, l realised that we have put our best foot forward to make FBC Holdings a force to be reckoned with in the local and regional financial services sector,” he said.

In his heartfelt speech, Dr Mushayavanhu also attributed FBCH’s success to the dedicated efforts of its executives, management, staff members and, poignantly, his wife Dr Tariro Mushayavanhu, who has been an unwavering pillar of support.

His gratitude extended to all — from the boardroom to his family—drawing a picture of a leader who recognises the multi-faceted contributions to FBC Holdings’ growth.

He also acknowledged the role played by shareholders and clients, whose support fortified the group’s journey. A special note of gratitude for group chairman Mr Herbert Nkala also exemplifies the respectful, collaborative efforts that have been vital to the group’s trajectory.

As the curtain falls on his tenure, and he steps into bigger shoes, Dr Mushayavanhu’s speech resonated with an optimism for FBC Holdings’ future — a future that firmly lies in the sphere of futuristic financial solutions and customer-centred service.

He assured all stakeholders that the group continues with a clear narrative — that a tradition of visionary leadership will continue, fostering growth, regional engagement and unwavering dedication to meeting the evolving demands of customers with pioneering solutions.

Dr Mushayavanhu expressed confidence this can be achieved under the new leadership of Mr Trynos Kufazvinei, asserting his capability to catapult FBC Holdings to even greater heights. Now, the financial community watches keenly as FBC Holdings strides into this new era with Mr Kufazvinei at the lead, while they also continue watching Dr Mushayavanhu in another kind of spotlight at the helm of Zimbabwe’s apex bank.

Dr Mushayavanhu’s experience, emphasis on innovation and focus on stability suggest potential for positive contribution at the RBZ. However, concrete actions and their impact on the national economy will ultimately determine his legacy as governor.

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